Sunday, January 7, 2007

Who's the DoDo now?

On the way to Shah Alam, J-Mie had her 1st stand on looking out a vehicle's window... so I decided to take a shot. This picture was then distributed to friends who loves animals and who'd appreciate the picture. Minutes later, a message came...

Mr. Dodo : You're such a cock teaser. :(
Elaine : got it? Great! Hey..I was just mass-sending this MMS to people I think who'd appreciate. Not to tease you, dumbo! If you want to see it, we can meet up one of the weekdays.
Mr. Dodo : You're mean! Evil! Haha.. alright. Rain cheque on that.
Elaine : HahahahahahahaHa!! Rain cheque!! NOW I'm teasing!
Mr. Dodo : Haha! I don't get you.
Elaine : Rain cheque?? or rain check? =)
Mr. Dodo : Haha..Dodo bird! =)
Elaine : Huh? You need a dictionary dude...
Mr. Dodo : Haha! It's rain cheque! What a backfire!
Elaine : Ya. okay. =) What the hell is a rain cheque?
Mr. Dodo : Oh you Dodo!!!
Elaine : It's rain CHECK! dumbdumb!
Mr. Dodo : I hate you.
Elaine : Hahahahhahahahahahahaahaahah!
Mr. Dodo : Go away


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