Thursday, July 30, 2009

Boy in Air

Malaysian Open Polo Tournament 2009

The children on the day were absolutely adorable.

Boy in Air
Venue: Royal Selangor Polo Club

Monday, July 27, 2009

Strawberry Kisses

Happy Birthday to my dearest, sweetest girl - Chian Hoon!

My strawberry kisses to you!

strawberry kisses
Venue: Soi @ Pacific Regency Hotel

Hope you like the gift. I had a ball just running around Orchard Road searching high and low for your present, but to no avail. Somehow this time around, I wanted to find something that you'd treasure. Thus why it has a lock.

Your gift caught my eye and immediately I said to myself...

"That's her!"

I'm officially broke now. You have to feed me.

But I haven't heard from you since then~ :~(

Can someone sponsor Elaine?

Monday, July 6, 2009

APD Dyno - Subaru

Subaru Dyno
Venue: APD Glenmarie
Owner: Danial

My BF and I

It must have been too long since I spent one whole day with my bestie.
Albeit the lack of time spent together, this one day only made it clearer that she is my one true good friend.

Venue: Sungai Wang

I admire her lead in life. Her character shines in ways that I could or have not achieve.
Perhaps that is what makes the two of us, yet... we can understand, respect, and love our differences combined.

We argue... a lot because our opinions, I would say at most times, cannot come to a mutual conclusion. However, that is not important.

It is how we get over ourselves and our own issue of being stubborn and accept the bloody fact that we will sometimes, NEVER come to "a" conclusion.

With love,