Saturday, March 31, 2007

New Toy!!

Nintendo Wii!! :)
Now I look funny to my neighbours. Neighbours will wonder what the heck is she doing?! Dancing? Yoga? Sing-a-long kids show? LoL!

Me playing wii games : Wii Sports - Golf!

Do you wanna wee? Share your gaming experiences with Wii here!

Cat fight!! Watch Maryann & Marrisa kick-ass~

Friday, March 30, 2007

Elaine's Interview at ShinTokyo (Should haves)

Weather : Cold. Don't know how cold.. Just cold.
Current status : I'm so tired. It's not like I did anything really active today...maybe I'm mentally exhausted from being all enthusiastic about the job interview. Right. The job interview was fine..I guess. They asked me from my previous experiences what skills do I have that will help myself in Shin Tokyo. Sheesh...I don't know how to brag! I just said.." I've done many random promotional jobs on mall concourses for new product launches. Basically approaching customers, introducing promotion benefits...then understand customer's interest...penetrate beyond their expectations! LoL!"

Ya... like that came out right.. I just said, "I've done many promotional jobs that requires us to approach customers, introduce promotions and benefits to interest customers in purchasing what would be suitable for them I.M.O. Sincerely."

William the interviewer : "What kind of promotions? What tasks?"
Err...I thought my answer before was exactly that... :( *cry*
Elaine : "I worked with so many different companies as being a promoter myself as well as marketing or initiating promotions for their benefits...I'll roughly summarize this. I personally did promoting for Samsung at an exhibition, Neutrogena as beauty consultant, *stuck*.

(Right now I wanna kill myself coz I would have said...) I also proposed promotions and marketing ideas for my clients, such as 'Nail Basics'. Providing them a layout of who their target audience are(demographics), location, time, models, and what not. *argh* didn't say that. I think that is the freaking SKILL they are asking for. I can't believe myself. In my head, I was just costantly reminding myself not to sound too I kept my business experiences low.

ZzzzzzzZ. I went so low profile, I think I kinda lost my profile somewhere by brainwashing myself and bringing myself down. Don't laugh at me :( it's my very 1st encounter! *boohoo!*

Question is... "Are we suppose to be 'Bragging'? " Grrrrr! I was afraid I get sidetracked..coz it's an interview. I can only talk about what I can do if I'm talking to a client. Ooh baby is gonna slaughter me for not talking about my business! *eek!* I can feel it coming when I tell him this.
I was afraid to ask how much is the salary....... Haahahahahaha! William from Shin Tokyo will spread the news on Monday!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Exotic Pet! Redback @ Black Widow

This is my new pet :) She's a well fed Redback... look at her huge bum! LoL... One day, I told Edward about our new exotic pet.

Tale :
We showed pictures of our new pet - redback to Eddy. Minutes later, he poked me and whispered to my ear, "We shall take that icky spider away, and squish it!!". I didn't know how to react to that. *Looks left and right thinking of what to say*
Little did he know I had a pregnant Redback which had thousands of babies! Sadly, my previous housemate took them away when I went back to Malaysia. But anyway, I stared at Eddy. "Eeerrmm.. *smiLes as cute as pOssibLe*.. the redback is kinda....mine. Not his."
Edward stayed away from me ever since. "I'm still gonna squish it!"

Ooh! I would have made AUD1000 from the redback babies...~ Heard there's this place in Adelaide - Handorf is buying redbacks for $1 each!
My redback has now been transfered (by me ^^) to a bigger home. More info on how I got the spiders? Click

Do leave comments on names for this pet =). Thank you!

Nokia N73 Focus

Fascinating isn't it? Just look at these pictures taken by my N73.

Focused on barks, background becomes blurred. Focus on swing, barks become blur...
I simply love my N73.

Monday, March 26, 2007

My Current Choices of Songs~

My new favourite Album : Gwen Stefani - The Sweet Escape

Gwen Stefani - Sweet Escape

Gwen Stefani - Orange County Girl

Delta Goodrem & Darren Hayes - Lost Without You (LIVE)

Adelaide [March]

Howdy ^^! Finally! Time to update my life. Feels like I've lost a month worth of news from Malaysia. Everyone is missing in action..including my parentS. Where has everyone gone? I miss everybody...
OMG....I can't believe it. I brought my USB without saving the files from my freakin desktop !!! And for a second there I was so proud of myself for bringing my USB. -.-" I totally forgotten about the fact that I neeeeeeeded to save files from my laptop at home. Mistake repeated twice. Wow...what has Uni done to me?

I guess I'm down to these. My friends, you wanted to know about Adelaide?

Glenelg. A beach at the end of Adelaide's ONLY tram line. =) Take this tram from the city - Victoria Square...fall asleep in the tram and someone will wake you up at the end of the line. If not..back to Victoria Square again! =) Glenelg is One of the few famous tourist places. Glenelg is also known as a "fashion beach" quoted by reverendtimothy. People go to the beach to sunbath, surf, and what not... this beach is slightly different though. Picture this.

*Wendy called and asked if we wanted to go to the beach*

reverendtimothy : Hey baby let's go to the beach!

miccobayb : Okay! *eXcited* (Puts on baby-T, shorts, packs Volleyball)

reverendtimothy : -.-" I'm gonna change. We're going to Glenelg. (Puts on pants and best T-shirt)

miccobayb : O.O? *eVen more eXcited!* (Puts on bikini). Okay! Let's go!

reverendtimothy : Now I have to change again...I wanna look good too~ *Stares at waredrobe and does nothing*.

miccobayb : What's wrong?

reverendtimothy : *pOuts* Let's go...

This is Glenelg. Be sure to look good! ^^!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Birthday boy Johnson!

Happy Birthday Johnson!! I haven't got my headphones at Uni, so I can't exactly hear what this is all about.. Hope it is not offensivE !LoL!

Feb 14 - March 23

BLOODY BLOGSPOT! I wrote a whole month worth of updates and you failed me! Leaving me with a blank page >.<~~~!!

Now, I'm not gonna type that much. To make it short and VERY short, I was home >> No internet >> saved pictures for uploading >> came to uni t upload >> realized my pictures were saved on my laptop's desktop AT HOME >> and I can only upload pictures that reverendtimothy took of me... And these....

I will upload more pictures and tell stowies when I am not having a blonde day...