Saturday, March 28, 2009

From ChiangMai to China

NOTE: Try not to fly budget airlines + transit.
"Budget airlines do not do baggage transfer service for you even when it's the same airplane you'll be catching"

I spent my first two days of this trip arriving at ChiangMai Airport, drove straight to Chiang Rai (3 hours), checked out some tea estate, went for a hair-do, then shopping.
All these were done one after another and it was alright towards the end of the night.

BUT, having wasted one whole good day just to get from one place to another is just, I can't explain..exhausting?

Today's Agenda was:

Check in-wait-fly-arrive-collect luggage-check in again-wait-fly-arrive-collect luggage-wait for taxi-someone cut queue mom told her off-40 mins to hotel-hotel gave away room at 6pm even when we told them our flight was at 11pm-went hunting for hotel at midnight-checked in-go to room to freshen up-go out nearby for food-came back showered-watched tv til I fall asleep.

Perhaps I am just bored from waiting. Both me and mom were in grouchy moods. -.-"
My throat hurts :( Where's my baby?

Oh well, looks like mom's laptop's bluetooth isn't working. Would like to put atleast ONE picture of the rabbits I saw at ChiangMai Night Bazaar.

Greetings from ShenZhen.

Happy Earth Hour everyone~ Do your bit of contribution for that hour. You're closer to nature than you think. I will continue about my excitement over Earth Hour next, k? Before that happens, share with me your opinion on what are the objectives of Earth Hour?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New background? Yay or Nay?

Hmm...I'm obsessed with carbon fiber now :D
What do you think?

Venue: Emperor Q, Pavillion KL.

More photoshoot this weekend with Chris~ Apparently he's got some new skills he'd like to try!
My new lens rock...Can't wait til F1 starts!

I know I've been slow with my posts. Emperor Q is taking up most of my time! If I'm there so often, so should you! Will post pictures of my favourite choices once I get TIME to edit them. [My Big Boss Brother is already complaining :( ]

I'm looking for food critics!

Oh btw, my pictures are pending consent to be featured in Hypertune Magazine! Hooraay!


Saturday, March 7, 2009


Automobile: Silvia & DC5R

Enjoyed myself during this photoshoot. Found this tree-lined street and knew it'd be perfect for photography of two white cars!

I decided to help Hypertune with this car since Nick didn't have time with his baby Silvia, and Hypertune guys were busy...

Let's cross our fingers and hope my photos impress Hypertune Magazine and will be featured soon.

DC5R & S15
Owner: Nick [S15], Baby [DC5R]
Venue: Tropicana, Malaysia

More series of these photos coming up daily from now~!

Friday, March 6, 2009

HDR: Honda DC5R

Dhil's DC5R
Owner: Baby (2009)
Make: Honda
Type: Integra DC5R
Venue: Tropicana, Malaysia

Automobile: Nissan Silvia S15

Under5ive built SR20det. estimated 600hp @ the flywheel after complete tune, with 50 shot nos and high boost.

Nick's Silvia
Owner: Nick
Make: Nissan
Type: Silvia S15
Venue: Tropicana, Malaysia