Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Formula Drift 2009 Babe


Formula D Goodyear Model

Venue:MAEPS Serdang

Under the blazing hot sun,
they stand tall & heel-y with confidence and courage.

Under the same blazing hot sun,

Formula Drift 2009

I am back with more photos than I could imagine!

Formula Drift

Venue: MAEPS Serdang

Just days before 2010 and still busy with numerous jobs at hand!
Been covering events and shootings that are very different...

One of which are:

  1. Formula Drift 2009 (will be featured in Hypertune Magazine)
  2. Industrial Product shoot
  3. Miss Tourism International 2009
Am currently shooting for pretty ladies from Miss Tourism International


Look out for the next issue of Hypertune Mag :)