Thursday, January 31, 2008

Exotic Pets Exhibition in One Utama NOW!

I brought Cheron to face her fears...her response was:

her response was...

"That was a hell of a good 2 hours spent although I fear reptiles and lizards. It is so nice to have seen him kissing the King Cobra, I've never seen it so up close and personal! It's really really good lor, so adventurous... No one would bring me there except you, and I'm very happy lor!"

Exotic Pets Exhibition
Date: until 31st March
Venue: One Utama Rainforest Ground Floor
Time: As long as One Utama is open =P which means from 10am to prolly 11pm!

This is your chance to see the exotic animals come upclose and personal. There is no reason why you would want to miss out these animals when you're in One Utama! Get your bum off the chair and get going! It's worth your time with the Live Shows and be in touch with nature. My way of putting it?

"An exhibition of world's nature in One PLACE, One Utama."

More Photos, Here!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Zoo Negara

Got Time?

The idea of a Malaysian, at the age of 24, visiting Zoo Negara...the responses are rather demotivating...
  • Huh?
  • What?
  • Yerr...Why laaaarrr?
  •'re damn bored right?
  • Nothing else better to do is it?
  • Crazy... -.-"
My only response is: "What is wrong with going to the Zoo??!!??!!?"

The Zoo Song

Let's go to the zoo, there's lots of things to do! ....(someone help me here)................................. There's Tigers! Lions! Elephants! Giraffes! KFC that's where I want to beee!

Smart Elephants
You are allowed to feed the smart elephants Sugarcane(sold there)! The elephants will follow you when they see you holding goodies!Tigers
The Sumatran tiger came reaaally close :) Most of the animals were swimming like this tiger and came upclose to us :) goodie!

and more...
Right here is a baby Silverleaf monkey following with a special cute little friendly deer. There are so many animals in the zoo who needs a better environment.

C'mon people... These animals need your support!
Today was one of the best days of my life...

I am very very grateful to all the sponsors of the animals, mostly the animals which represents the company's mascot (i.e: Ambank for the Camels, Lion Group for Lions). I sincerely hope there would be more support in giving all these lovely creatures a bigger, better environment and nurture.

By the way, I am not paid to blog...

More pictures will be up soon!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Malaysia K9 Day

Malaysia K9 Day

J-mie has always been the naughtiest puppy in the house.. that's also my bad, because I didn't spend enough time guiding her while she was going through her childhood times. Yet, she has grown up to be a beautiful lady with her very own elegant personality which amazes me.

20th January 2008, Sunday 11am

On this very day, she was at her best behaviour. Such a timid little baby, J-mie was almost bullied by every toy breed puppies :) It's not a character of a Husky, or is it something you'd expect from a fierce looking wolf-dog, but my J-mie is super loving with all animals. As you can see, she drinks from the same bowl of water with Duchess, my cat. [Link]

...more pictures HERE!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Back in Malaysia

I miss my computer. vickyvacko (my brother) is kind enough to be asleep right now so I could use his pc. It's so true that Malaysia never sleeps. Neither do I. Not proud on my side, though.
Keiro's Day Out. He went out like a sheep and came home like a lamb. I had his hair shaved bald, so now he looks like a chinese crested dog.
Reason: Knots.




I have never seen Ayers Rock, nor did I know anything about it. I know it's must be some special rock. Just after hearing "We Can Be Heroes", I came across one of Australia's 'must-see' places - Ayer's Rock. Some rock it was. I didn't exactly had my foot on the special rock...but this view ain't all that bad.
The captain informed us inside the aeroplane.

Note: Pictures were all taken by Nokia N73


Both Shirley and Joey, my two little cousins, are currently being fostered by my kind mother. It's great to see my mom busy once again, since she's lonely at home with me and Victor all too old for her to torture. Haha :) It's wonderful because I was too young to remember how my mom tortured me. Now it seems these two girls are loving it :) My mom reads to them almost every night. I bring them out :)

This little boy is Wesley :)


It's been a while since I saw J-mie. The last time I saw her, I could still carry her with one arm. Look at her now! Grown up to be such a beautiful lady. She's almost one year old now, but not fully grown. Amazing baby girl of mine. I sincerely hope to come home for good just to be with her. She is currently very well taken care of by my Kakak. Behind J-mie is my best buddy, Kit.