Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Malaysia K9 Day

Malaysia K9 Day

J-mie has always been the naughtiest puppy in the house.. that's also my bad, because I didn't spend enough time guiding her while she was going through her childhood times. Yet, she has grown up to be a beautiful lady with her very own elegant personality which amazes me.

20th January 2008, Sunday 11am

On this very day, she was at her best behaviour. Such a timid little baby, J-mie was almost bullied by every toy breed puppies :) It's not a character of a Husky, or is it something you'd expect from a fierce looking wolf-dog, but my J-mie is super loving with all animals. As you can see, she drinks from the same bowl of water with Duchess, my cat. [Link]

...more pictures HERE!

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