Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Back in Malaysia

I miss my computer. vickyvacko (my brother) is kind enough to be asleep right now so I could use his pc. It's so true that Malaysia never sleeps. Neither do I. Not proud on my side, though.
Keiro's Day Out. He went out like a sheep and came home like a lamb. I had his hair shaved bald, so now he looks like a chinese crested dog.
Reason: Knots.




I have never seen Ayers Rock, nor did I know anything about it. I know it's must be some special rock. Just after hearing "We Can Be Heroes", I came across one of Australia's 'must-see' places - Ayer's Rock. Some rock it was. I didn't exactly had my foot on the special rock...but this view ain't all that bad.
The captain informed us inside the aeroplane.

Note: Pictures were all taken by Nokia N73


Both Shirley and Joey, my two little cousins, are currently being fostered by my kind mother. It's great to see my mom busy once again, since she's lonely at home with me and Victor all too old for her to torture. Haha :) It's wonderful because I was too young to remember how my mom tortured me. Now it seems these two girls are loving it :) My mom reads to them almost every night. I bring them out :)

This little boy is Wesley :)


It's been a while since I saw J-mie. The last time I saw her, I could still carry her with one arm. Look at her now! Grown up to be such a beautiful lady. She's almost one year old now, but not fully grown. Amazing baby girl of mine. I sincerely hope to come home for good just to be with her. She is currently very well taken care of by my Kakak. Behind J-mie is my best buddy, Kit.



UnkaLeong said...

Harlow...Heard you were back! Welcome home. See if I can catch you this time round ;)

LcF said...

welcome back to Malaysia! :)

beto said...

welcome back.
how was new year in malaysia?
i saw some images on tv. lots of fireworks.

i kept everything in order around here while you were out.

MiccObaYb said...

Leong KorKor: Hi :) I heard you were relocated here in Malaysia for a while. Will see :)

LiewCF: Hey...finally I'm back in my home country!

beto: Hello there...thank youu for watching over. Time to pay your rental! Haha don't try to cover it with telling me you took care of it! lol! I wasn't back for new years..but will be for Chinese New Year!