Saturday, December 22, 2007


Anonymous: "Crysis is a game that has the ridiculous computer requirements! I heard it's fantastic!"
Elaine: "Hah! The game play or the graphics?"
Anonymous: "Good question!"

Downloading the demo to make sure it works on my computer before buying the actual game is the right thing to do. To be honest, first person shooter is not exactly the kinda thing I fancy, but I had to do this for the sake of the famous game, Crysis-the-game-only-state-of-the-art-pc-can-play.

Not baaaaaad after all. I didn't quite like the part where Nomad's armor is ZERO under water and can't breathe. At first I had no idea what went wrong and his health was deteriorating.

Nomad: "mmmPh! mmhPH! mMMPH! MmmPmh!"

Heyy!!! I think he's having a fit underwater!! Shit! What should I do?

Anonymous: Errr... I think he needs to breathe.



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beto said...

happy new year, miccobayb girl.