Thursday, June 14, 2007

Craft Worm's New Updates!

Baby Blue Dress


Mario Cross Stitch (Half Completed)

Super Mario Bros Papercraft [End of World 1-1]

by nerd-craft

It's got a freaking tiny flag pole!! Soooo Cute!!!

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007


??Question mark ??

This picture was taken during a 'Second Coming' band gig near UniSA. This guy stood at the front, obviously proud of his "trend", (notice his assss sweat? LOL!) he wears a shirt short enough to show his 'bonds'. No doubt 'bonds' innerwear for men and women are absolutely comfy! But yea...back to this boy here.

*Psst!* My housemate wears his pants BELOW his butt!

To the girls out there... Any of you find this cute? If you do please educate me. I like butt too much to flatten it.

I just came back from Queensland by the way! More pictures will be uploaded soooooooooon! Craftworm has new posts :)

Friday, June 8, 2007

WOW or YTL earns more money?!

I had a very queer conversation with my childhood friend this afternoon. It started off with me joking about him being a nerd and he didn't like it. I told him nerds are smart people, and others make fun of them because they are jealous. He insists to be called a 'Genius'. Tell you what Mr. WOW, "genius" invents. "Nerd" works smart. SO, you're a nerd.

Case Closed

Why WOW and YTL?

My friend's initial is OWW, which stands for Ong Wai Wah. I told him his surname should be WONG, which changes his initials to WWW, since he's a geek+ nerd, it'll be cool. He insists to have WOW instead, hoping that his Surname is in the middle - Wai Ong Wah (WOW).

Then my name would be ETL, which stands for Ee Tan Ling. BUT.....!

My name is Tan Yee Ling (TYL). If we swap the surname and middle name, I'll be Yee Tan Ling (YTL!!)

The childish argument begins.

"Muahahaha! YTL is bigger than WOW!!"

"Eh...WOW is the mother of all mother, okay? They earn MILLIONS!"

"Eh...halo! YTL has soooo many hotels all over the world, okay? They also earn MILLIONS! They won award as business leaders also, okay?"

"Okay! Let's judi (bet)!! Losers belanja (treat) japanese buffet at Jogoya when you return from Australia!"

*Ohhh nooooo! Micco hates gambling. It makes me lose confidence in this whole argument, but.... *


...because I don't mind treating my best buddy :)

Readers... can you help me with this? I need to win my Japanese buffet! haha! I'll invite you too if I win! LOL!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Geek Masterpiece : Super Mario Papercraft Diorama!

Download a PDF to create a Super Mario level in Papercraft for FREE!

"I had some free time on the weekend and have whipped up this papercraft diorama model of World 1-1 from Super Mario Brothers. It's more-or-less to scale, too."

by reverendtimothy.

Download the Super Mario Papercraft from here.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Four Shot, One Killed!

Gunshots at a nightclub in Adelaide...the city of churches.

What has become of Adelaide? More details and photos coming soon!

Micco is currently taking photos! Reporting from Blackberry.


Well hello! Here are my pictures :) Click on pictures for larger view. Following up...News from Adelaide Papers.

June 02, 2007 07:30am

TWO men are in a critical condition in hospital after a shooting outside an Adelaide nightclub early today.

Four men were wounded in the shooting attack outside the Tonic nightclub in Light Square in Adelaide's CBD just after 4.30am.

Police are investigating whether members of a motorcycle gang may have been involved.
The four men with gunshot wounds were taken to the Royal Adelaide Hospital. A hospital spokeswoman said two of them were in a critical condition.
South Australian police spokesman Senior Constable Tim Dodds said earlier that three of the men were "okay" but one was believed to be in a serious condition.
The ages of the men were unknown.
"It certainly happened out the front of the nightclub for whatever reason. They're investigating that now," Sen Const Dodds said.
Police will hold a media conference this afternoon


June 03, 2007 05:00pm

POLICE are investigating whether rival bikie gangs were involved in an Adelaide nightclub shooting that left four members of the Rebels gang in hospital.

The shooting occurred outside Tonic Nightclub in Light Square about 4.30am (CST) yesterday morning, with up to 10 shots fired by two offenders.

Assistant commissioner Tony Harrison said two of the victims had since been released from the Royal Adelaide Hospital and a third would be operated on tomorrow.

According to the Sunday Mail, one of those injured in the shooting was Robert Vitale, president of the south chapter of the Rebels.
Assistant commissioner Harrison said he could not comment on whether the shooters were linked to the rival Finks bikie gang.
"Since yesterday we believe we've firmed up some lines of inquiry in relation to who may be involved," he said.

"We are pursuing all lines of inquiry and they do include looking at members of other motorcycle gangs as to whether they had any involvement in the shooting."
Police had recovered closed circuit TV footage of the incident but assistant commissioner Harrison said there was "some difficulty in clearly identifying images" from it.

Friday, June 1, 2007

MiccO's Cooking: Roasted Chicken Wings

Micco's Mix & Match Ingredients
I found/used/marinate chicken wings with:
  • Dark Soy Sauce
  • Soy Sauce
  • Mixed Herbs
  • Pepper
  • Butter
  • I think that's about it... =/ don't remember!

Oven Temperature was 225 degrees. *Note!* I was practically sitting in front of my oven watching my chicken turn Golden Brown. If you don't trust my cooking,'s someone else's (you don't know) Roast Chicken Wing Recipe.

Man...this Roasted Chicken Wings was like an experiment I did with my oven.
Reason why I used oven - too lazy to wash pots and pans. LoL!
Didn't turn out too bad, ey?
Yes, it was a success. Tasted "almost" like the charcoaled ones we get from hawker stalls in Malaysia!
*dRooLs =P~*