Friday, June 8, 2007

WOW or YTL earns more money?!

I had a very queer conversation with my childhood friend this afternoon. It started off with me joking about him being a nerd and he didn't like it. I told him nerds are smart people, and others make fun of them because they are jealous. He insists to be called a 'Genius'. Tell you what Mr. WOW, "genius" invents. "Nerd" works smart. SO, you're a nerd.

Case Closed

Why WOW and YTL?

My friend's initial is OWW, which stands for Ong Wai Wah. I told him his surname should be WONG, which changes his initials to WWW, since he's a geek+ nerd, it'll be cool. He insists to have WOW instead, hoping that his Surname is in the middle - Wai Ong Wah (WOW).

Then my name would be ETL, which stands for Ee Tan Ling. BUT.....!

My name is Tan Yee Ling (TYL). If we swap the surname and middle name, I'll be Yee Tan Ling (YTL!!)

The childish argument begins.

"Muahahaha! YTL is bigger than WOW!!"

"Eh...WOW is the mother of all mother, okay? They earn MILLIONS!"

"Eh...halo! YTL has soooo many hotels all over the world, okay? They also earn MILLIONS! They won award as business leaders also, okay?"

"Okay! Let's judi (bet)!! Losers belanja (treat) japanese buffet at Jogoya when you return from Australia!"

*Ohhh nooooo! Micco hates gambling. It makes me lose confidence in this whole argument, but.... *


...because I don't mind treating my best buddy :)

Readers... can you help me with this? I need to win my Japanese buffet! haha! I'll invite you too if I win! LOL!


cw said...

Going by revenue (I suck at finance, so I'm not even sure if that's the correct metric to use)

YTL (RM 5.5 bil) > Blizzard Entertainment (RM 5.1 bil)

YTL is the clear winner since WoW is just one of many products of Blizzard.

So so.... I get free jap buffet, yes ?

MiccObaYb said...

Hahaha omg haha thank you, cw! You're sure invited! We gotta catch up too!