Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Mom says I'll travel a lot this year

Pig travels in Pig year?

I'm a pig. Or boar. Whatever it is called. My mom read this "fate" book, which requires your birthdate, and also time of birth... I don't know how it works. Will read it myself when I'm back in Malaysia. Apparently, pigs travel pig's year. Or maybe it's different because it includes TIME of birth to have this fate? Anyway, my point is...

"You will be travelling alot this year, dear", Mom says.
"Oh! thanks mom!" pig says.

Even if it wasn't my fate, I will make it happen now. Since mom kinda kicked start my journey by reading my fate from "fate" book, I might as well. I've already spent one day thinking about the places I'd like to visit (perhaps again) in year 2007! I'll be very very adventurous this year. Wild animals, jungle hiking, rafting and disneyland?! Bad mix but whatever! I'll try 'em all!

1. Queensland/Cairns/Great Barrier Reef - Oooo how I wish J-mie is with me! I'll bring her to the beach and swim together! It'll be fun *wInk* Can't wait to show the pictures!

2. Shanghai/Xiamen/JiuZaiGou - I've been to Shanghai before and didn't like it... but I'll give Shanghai another chance to impress me. It's not like it's Shanghai's fault the other time I went there, there were haze partially because of the polution, plus 'i-dunno-what' haze that was caused by the hot and cool temperature from north and south of China (says someone). Hope it's not the same the next time I'm there. JIUZAIGOU was the BEST :) *Thumbs UP!*
Check :

3. Can anyone suggest a place for me to see real wild animals besides Africa? I so want to learn about Eagles, wolves, spiders.. ^^!

I MISS J-MIE! I'm coming home, J-mie! We'll go for the coooool walk :)

Dear Brother

What's ahead of us? Kor, both of us may have different personalities.. you may have different opinions from that of mine... we may have fought over a lot of issues, conflicts... but deep down inside me, you were my only childhood. It's so difficult to type all these when my vision is blurred. There's so much inside me that seeks for an answer. Some of which are similar to all that you're feeling inside you. Again I ask... What's ahead of us? Am I doing the right thing? Is this for me? or for a future that is laid for me? Is this really me? What have I done?

Truth is, I'm afraid of fighting for a life of my own. By doing so, I must have hurt others. At one point, I wanted to try them impossible..I hurt my parents. It has been 4 years.. I finally understood why mom and dad are heartbroken. In the end, everyone is heartbroken. I achieved nothing... but I'm glad impossible became possible. Possible not for me. I hope he forgives me in the future. I've already prayed for his health...most importantly. He should be out there fighting for a life of his own. Kor, there's so much to say now..but I can only manage to type this..anymore will tear me down.

"I'm sorry I can't be there for you. Please understand. I can't choose between. I can't bring myself further than what I've done..because the further I go... the more I hurt my parents. Thank you for loving me.."

Kor, you're probably going through much more than I am. We stand strong okay? We can make it through. Don't only be there for me. Let me be there for you. It's easier for me to overcome my own fear of heartache by learning how to go through yours. Thats why people say,

"hui shuo bie ren, bu hui shuo ji zi"

which means, 'can advice others but never ourselves'. It is usually used as an insult. I think otherwise. For those who advise others, they are setting aside their problems to help others go through hardship..because they know how it feels when they are not ready or not strong enough to help themselves..

Thank you, kor... please take care of your health okay? While I'm away, mom and dad needs you. Hope these pictures bring back our childhood.

Condolence to the demise of my beloved Ye Ye

Dear Ye Ye,

"I was there with you last night... did you hear my prayers? Thank you for the family you've given to me...You will always be in our hearts. Tan family has now grown into 4 generations. You must be smiling from up above, watching all of us grow as you guide us."

"I have only one request. You hear my prayers. Daddy has given to me all in life that a girl could ask for. Hear daddy's prayers, Ye Ye...he may be tough on the surface... but Daddy is heartbroken inside. I'm not sure if anyone else in the family saw that. Most importantly, Ye Ye can understand."

"I still remember the last time I was here in Singapore, to visit you and Ah Ma. Lynette was with me. I spoke to Lynette yesterday and she told me Ah Ma still walks to your room to look for you in the middle of the night. Dont worry... Ah Ma is well taken care of... Talk to her heart to keep her from loneliness while Wu Shu and family stay by her side accompanying her."

"Bless our family, our business and our future. We will make you proud, Ye Ye."

"I will make you proud..."

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Funniest Laugh eVer!!

Having a bad time? Man this guy will crack you up!

Friday, January 12, 2007

G'Day Mate, lets put another shrimp on the barby.

hey everyone,

I just want to let everyone know that I am a virgin at this. oh wait...let me intro name is Ted and for some reason Elaine wanted me to write stuff on here, so sorry for the disappointment if u thought that it was Elaine writing..I have a penis by the way so too bad boys..unless u swing that way, in that case. WELCOME ABOARD!

ive never written a blog before so im not sure what to write in this thing....well i guess i should tell you a lil about myself. Well my name is Ted and am a true dinkum Aussie..(with chinese parents from ipoh) hrmm...thats about all I can think of right now.

For you ladies out there ive posted a pic of myself for your own pleasure..hahaha..geez u must be disappointed hey...u were hoping for a tall blonde dude huh?...maybe next time.... well back to the picture, i call it 'la jellyfish'. you see I was at Melbourne Aquarium and was impressed by the wide array of jellyfish that they had, so i took the opportunity to practise my jellyfish face. how do u like it? did i pull it off? i think i did it very well. for those of you that think you can do better please send me a pic of your best jellyfish face and i will bow down and send you tim tams (kick ass chocolate biscuit things)

Elaine : We know what Tim Tams are, Ted...

well until then, i say adieu.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Malaysia K9 Day 2007


Date : January 14, 2007
Venue : Central Park, Bandar Utama, Kuala Lumpur
Time : 8:15am to 3:00pm
Admission : Free
Open to : All dogs lovers. Owner of Mixed Breeds and Pure Breeds dog and their dogs are all welcome.

See you there!

Who's the DoDo now?

On the way to Shah Alam, J-Mie had her 1st stand on looking out a vehicle's window... so I decided to take a shot. This picture was then distributed to friends who loves animals and who'd appreciate the picture. Minutes later, a message came...

Mr. Dodo : You're such a cock teaser. :(
Elaine : got it? Great! Hey..I was just mass-sending this MMS to people I think who'd appreciate. Not to tease you, dumbo! If you want to see it, we can meet up one of the weekdays.
Mr. Dodo : You're mean! Evil! Haha.. alright. Rain cheque on that.
Elaine : HahahahahahahaHa!! Rain cheque!! NOW I'm teasing!
Mr. Dodo : Haha! I don't get you.
Elaine : Rain cheque?? or rain check? =)
Mr. Dodo : Haha..Dodo bird! =)
Elaine : Huh? You need a dictionary dude...
Mr. Dodo : Haha! It's rain cheque! What a backfire!
Elaine : Ya. okay. =) What the hell is a rain cheque?
Mr. Dodo : Oh you Dodo!!!
Elaine : It's rain CHECK! dumbdumb!
Mr. Dodo : I hate you.
Elaine : Hahahahhahahahahahahaahaahah!
Mr. Dodo : Go away