Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Mom says I'll travel a lot this year

Pig travels in Pig year?

I'm a pig. Or boar. Whatever it is called. My mom read this "fate" book, which requires your birthdate, and also time of birth... I don't know how it works. Will read it myself when I'm back in Malaysia. Apparently, pigs travel pig's year. Or maybe it's different because it includes TIME of birth to have this fate? Anyway, my point is...

"You will be travelling alot this year, dear", Mom says.
"Oh! thanks mom!" pig says.

Even if it wasn't my fate, I will make it happen now. Since mom kinda kicked start my journey by reading my fate from "fate" book, I might as well. I've already spent one day thinking about the places I'd like to visit (perhaps again) in year 2007! I'll be very very adventurous this year. Wild animals, jungle hiking, rafting and disneyland?! Bad mix but whatever! I'll try 'em all!

1. Queensland/Cairns/Great Barrier Reef - Oooo how I wish J-mie is with me! I'll bring her to the beach and swim together! It'll be fun *wInk* Can't wait to show the pictures!

2. Shanghai/Xiamen/JiuZaiGou - I've been to Shanghai before and didn't like it... but I'll give Shanghai another chance to impress me. It's not like it's Shanghai's fault the other time I went there, there were haze partially because of the polution, plus 'i-dunno-what' haze that was caused by the hot and cool temperature from north and south of China (says someone). Hope it's not the same the next time I'm there. JIUZAIGOU was the BEST :) *Thumbs UP!*
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3. Can anyone suggest a place for me to see real wild animals besides Africa? I so want to learn about Eagles, wolves, spiders.. ^^!

I MISS J-MIE! I'm coming home, J-mie! We'll go for the coooool walk :)


Elaine Tan said...

Ideas anyone?

Anonymous said...

You should try Adelaide! It's a little town between Perth and Sydney in Australia.

It's got wild stray cats, hiking trails, and you could even go rafting in the Torrens!

Anonymous said...

Kangaroo island in Adelaide is the best travelling place in Australia i could say.