Saturday, December 22, 2007


Anonymous: "Crysis is a game that has the ridiculous computer requirements! I heard it's fantastic!"
Elaine: "Hah! The game play or the graphics?"
Anonymous: "Good question!"

Downloading the demo to make sure it works on my computer before buying the actual game is the right thing to do. To be honest, first person shooter is not exactly the kinda thing I fancy, but I had to do this for the sake of the famous game, Crysis-the-game-only-state-of-the-art-pc-can-play.

Not baaaaaad after all. I didn't quite like the part where Nomad's armor is ZERO under water and can't breathe. At first I had no idea what went wrong and his health was deteriorating.

Nomad: "mmmPh! mmhPH! mMMPH! MmmPmh!"

Heyy!!! I think he's having a fit underwater!! Shit! What should I do?

Anonymous: Errr... I think he needs to breathe.



Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Australian White Tailed Spider in my house

Just as I thought my "Widow" is looking hungry... She isn't as fat as she was before. I planned to catch another spider for her.

This morning:

At 6am in the morning while going for number 1, I saw a spider (size: approximately 18mm) in the cat litter box.
Didn't think it was great to leave it there where the cats will be I sacrificed my "Widow" chopsticks... grabbed the spider... tossed it into my Widow's play pen.
I looked closer to identify what spider it is... Perhaps a House spider?

FFS... I just sent my Widow to hell. It's an Australian White Tailed Spider. To be honest, I do not know who will die of whose venomous bite. As for us humans, Australian Redback Spider's (also known as the Black Widow) bites are dangerous but there is antidote for those who are bitten.
White tailed spiders... unfortunate to us in Australia, are one of those which we DO NOT HAVE ANTIDOTE.

This is what I've researched so far:

Habitat and Biology [Link]

Webs consist of a tangled, funnel-like upper retreat area from which vertical, sticky catching threads run to ground attachments. The Redback Spider favours proximity to human habitation, with webs being built in dry, sheltered sites, such as among rocks, in logs, shrubs, junk-piles, sheds, or toilets. Redback Spiders are less common in winter months. Daddy-long-legs Spiders and White-tailed Spiders are known to catch and kill Redback Spiders.

She is dooooomed!
Who do you think will win? I would have just died if I weren't careful. Sheesh...


Monday, November 19, 2007

What woke me up...

A spider crawling up my bare legs...

Merry Exams!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Micco's Cooking: Curry Chicken

Micco's Homecook Curry Chicken...
.... is the best in Adelaide!

'Must haves' ingredients:
  • Chicken (don't use breast fillet -.-")
  • Coconut Milk
  • A1 Curry Paste (note: good curry paste defines the goodness of the whole dish!)
  • Pandan leaves
  • Curry Leaves
  • Diced Potatoes
Add ons:
  • Bunga Kuntum
You must be thinking why I didn't use Spices?
It's in the Curry Paste. It's enough for me


Thursday, November 8, 2007


Can anyone tell me what insect is this?

Approximately 2.5mm

Cotton like end, don't think it flies
because it was just moving around as I was taking this picture.

Where do you think the head is?


  1. Superweightkoalabear reckons it's a Mealybug...
I googled for image....this is mealybug :( not the same...

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Relationship Marketing (Presentation)

My Presentation Script (Introduction)

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, my name is Elaine. Present here with me today are my colleagues Ludi, Matt, and Yee Pin.

Our focus for today is to discuss to what extent will Pfizer benefit from Relationship marketing. Towards the end we will also provide recommendations on marketing strategy which benefits both Pfizer and their customers.

Before I begin, may I ask what is relationship marketing? Anyone? Is it to build a relationship in order to sell more?

Relationship marketing is strategic orientation that focuses on KEEPING and IMPROVING relationships with CURRENT customers rather than acquiring new customers.

What are the INTENTIONS of Relationship Marketing?

First point here says Profitable. Profits in this context is skewed to qualitative than quantitative. Profit here means Value. Values where both supplier and customers appreciate.We build Long term relationship beyond the initial contact hoping to achieve to a level of commitment where both parties can rely, trust and are confident with each other.Building customer bonds are emphasised on PEOPLE. Products and services are expected to be of quality considering there is trust in the relationship. It is easier said than done. Now I shall pass the hand to Ludi to explain the process of Relationship marketing.


Briefly I shall explain Why do you do customisation.
After achieving a good relationship with a customer, you combine your knowledge and data acquired from survey or relationship with our own company’s database, and see what can be done to be of best service.

1. Retrieve – past purchases, survey, what is needed.
2. Analyse – compare with own database, check life span of products, usage (when to stock)
3. Propose – Inventory Planning. Stock and deliver in time for you to replace.

Reduce cost - extra paperwork or personnel, you can focus on your work.
Reduce downtime - engineers analysed the usage and lifecycle of products on site, reminding you when to change to be of best performance. Avoiding fault that causes downtime.
Reduce Stock - there is no need to stock.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Absolutely Stunning Swimwear

Stunning One-piece Swimwear

Brand New with Tag
Color: White/Black

Size: S/M/L
Price: AUD45.00

If you're interested, please leave a comment.
I'll get back to you
Or e-mail me at:

Monday, October 8, 2007

My silly attempt at Web Design!

I am always fascinated by art. Never knew how people do it. I went through Deviant Art and found cool artsy stuffs I could use for an easy kick start of web design. Didn't turn out too bad for a beginner I guess. Simple and nice... Some people like it!

Tis my LoLaRtz!

Header for reverendtimothy

I did these and a few more out of curiosity hoping it'll look good and people will appreciate it.
If you like some, do let me know. Don't steal these... I'll make another one for you, k? This is specially made for others...and you would like me to specially make one for you!

I'll be most glad to design some for you!
Will make time out of my full-of-hobby time :)


Blog background for Victor (my brother)

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Spiders Behaviour on Video! [Good Quality]

I saw this spider in the garden while I was watering the plants... He was hanging on his web. Seemed 'fainty' so I took my huntsman box out and caught it why it's 'fainty'.

Looks dead at first but when I brought it inside the house.....this is what I saw! The spider was shedding its skin.

My huntsman's name is Onizuka. Yes it is named after Great Teacher Onizuka. Why? Because I was watching GTO when I found him.

I found him wondering around my house. At first I thought I could just leave him around this house because he could eat all the daddy long legs and insects. What made me kept him as pet in a box?

Story of "Onizuka"

One fine day I was doing my laundry. I asked Tim to help me with taking the basket from on top of the cupboard (because I'm short). I stood below where he lifted the basket and Onizuka jumped out of it and landed on my hands! I screamed and ran around the house...naturally. 10 seconds later, I calmed down and took a transparent box...and adopted Onizuka as my pet.

This video shows my huntsman spinning web around his leftover food (corpse of another spider). So far, I've had quite a few spiders as pets and Huntsman are very clean. Firstly because they don't live on webs.

Happy watching! They are amazing. Some may say "Eeewww!" but I grew up with them.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Astrophotography of the Moon at Perigee

Moon at Perigee (closest to earth) was on the 27th September 2007

For you who missed the Moon...this was a picture I manage to take through my telescope with wide angel (25) eyepiece.
I only managed to get 5 shots of the Moon due to a big patch of clouds CURRENTLY (while I'm posting this) blocking my perfect moon.


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

If I have a wish, I will wish to know if there's life outside of milky way.

To those who doesn't know, the Universe is what we know as the biggest atmosphere. Within the Universe, there are god knows how many galaxies. Milky way is our galaxy. Earth is accompanied by other planets such as Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and I will still include Pluto.

Zillions of money spent on sending Spaceships and Voyagers to our neighbouring planets.
So far, technology brought humans to the Moon, ...that's all I know of. Venus is too hot thus a ship was sent and only survived for two hours in the lava. Even with our currently technology on the speed of spaceships, it takes 3-6 months to travel just to the Mars. Mars is closest to earth at 35 million miles and furthest at 250 million miles away.

Let me introduce the Astronomical Units
1 Astronomical Unit = 149 598 000 kilometers
The distance for Mars (from Earth) is currently at 1.005 AU. now 29.288 AU from Earth. You can do the calculations by google-ing 29.288AU.
Voyager 2 took 12 years to reach Neptune.

Now let me introduce to you LIGHT YEARs
1 light year = 9.4605284 × 1015 meters
Note...STARS that we see are FURTHER than our PLANETS. Antares was known as the biggest star visible to the naked eye. It is 1,108,430,000 km away.

What is bigger than Antares? You shall find out later at the end of the post. All of these planets, these stars and wonders are WITHIN our galaxy (Milky waay).

Let me see...nearest galaxy is Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy at 25,000 light years away. It is a natural satellite of Milky Way. In this case, satellite means it orbits the Milky way (ie: The moon is a natural satellite of Earth).

This is making me crazy. If there are any species coming to earth from the outerspace out of our milky way, who are we to call them aliens.....? If they can come to earth from so goddamn far away, I will follow them. If they exist, they are the smart ones. I'm the alien.

To those who thinks they are enjoying life to the fullest, this may not help. So, this is what I see tonight. Pretty damn small, eh? I feel like crying.

What is bigger than Antares? by

I love how the Universe is killing me softly.


Monday, September 24, 2007

Game One: I-Spy Round Eight!!

I spy with my little eye, something that begins with the letter "T"!

CW is the WINNER!

"tripod" can you find it?


Thursday, September 20, 2007

Surface of the Moon

Evening Moon

Surface of our Moon

54% of Full - Waxing Gibbous

:) I'm a happy girl!! Full moon on the 27th! Can't wait!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Farm Life

Air Rifle & Shotgun

Shooting a gun was one of my "future plan" and I finally did it under the supervision of Scout and Andrew who both have full firearm license. Air rifle was really quiet considering most people who have not much clue about guns will assume guns without silencer are usually loud.
The shotgun however... *shOck*! Ears buzzed, adrenaline rushed and pride (because I got the target!) The can was absolutely smashed! I was also told that there will be a strong kick back. It actually sorta cured my sore shoulder.

Andrew & Kylie's hobby farm

A farm 30 minutes away from town. Cows, chickens, birds, dogs, cats, lambs, horses, sheep, alpacas, and a variety of poo all over the 20 acre meadow. A mountain-like backyard that overlooks Birdwood.
2 storey high bonfire.

Do you prefer city life or farm life?

MiccObaYb's Amateur Stargazing

I did my small research on what and how to look for planets and galaxies in the milky way. So far, I saw Planet Venus at 5.30am and apparently the picture I posted recently is planet Jupiter. Didn't bring my camera out when I saw Venus...but I will see Venus again, so stay tuned.
I am not as skillful, and yet to know how to use the telescope, pictures do not turn out as sophisticated. Just being able to see clusters of stars that you can't see with naked eye is absolutely fulfilling.

I have decided to learn more about Astrophotography.
Here are some absolutely amazing astrophotography taken by Humayun Qureshi.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Away to the countryside for more Moon & star gazing


:) With more on galaxy photos.

Reporting from Birdwood:

  • I FIRED A SHOTGUN and AIR RIFLE! Cool! (will have pics!)
  • There is NO MOON! zzz Not until week after.
  • I saw a cluster of stars but that's about it. Can't identify. Will find out.
  • The stars out here is.... magnificent!
  • Took great shots of the farm life too!
  • Mummy! If you're reading this, you gotta make it come true! Buy a farm! Malaysia is a little hot. Come Adelaide for retirement. When I make enough money, I'll buy one for you! Love ya!

Thursday, September 6, 2007



Scenario 1: Tim spent 2 hours putting the telescope pieces together while Micco checks her blog, technorati, facebook, friendster, deviantart, multiply and had an audio conversation with her friend teaching her how to start blogging (because she's a good writer).

Scenario 2: Micco stargazing in the backyard.
The pictures are not of that high quality because I used some lousy camera...but looking at it through those telescope... I saw clusters of stars which I cannot take picture of because the stars weren't bright enough.

Image 1 : The brightest star I see in the sky. The star we see with our naked eye that doesn't twinkle. Can anyone tell me what star is that? =/
Picture was taken in "twilight" mode.


Image 2: Same star, taken in "Night" mode. Inevitable shake :P

Image 3: Manage to find two bright stars!! Then only to find out I actually caught 3 stars!

I'll be camping outback for the weekend! Bringing my new love :) Can't wait to take pictures of the Moon's surface and wink at the Moon man. :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Game One: I-Spy Round Seven!

"Second Coming" from Adelaide.
[from left: Curtis(bass), Yani(lead singer), reverendtimothy(rhythm), Cam(lead guitar), Alex(drummer)]

Click here to watch one of their original songs! [VIDEO]

I spy with my little eye, something that begins with the letter "

lol..less than an hour, Jane got the answer! Beard!


Saturday, September 1, 2007

Game One: I-Spy Round Six!

I spy with my little eye, something that begins with the letter "C"!

The winner is : Kendrick!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Download MiccO's Singing Here!

List of songs sung by MiccObaYb

Finally learnt how to amplify the volume! lolz... This is much MUCH louder :)

My very own home-made recordings... lol! NBTD! :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Byul - Kim Ah Joong (MiccO singing)

This I sing for my brother, to the birthday girl, Joanne.

Victor: Did you see my recent post? Did you see the video?
Elaine: Ermm...not yet. Why?
Victor: It's a good song.
Elaine: Okie! Wait ya.
Victor: Why don't you sing it?
Elaine: But the English version a bit too mooshy ler.. I don't know what the Korean one means but I definitely prefer the Korean one.
Victor: Hmm..the Korean one damn hard ler!
Elaine: Ya! That's why ma... lol!
Victor: Up to you la!

Kor, I did it!!!!! This is for you... I love you! I cried when I hear the English version because I can read between the lines. This song is for you, because you like Kim Ah Joong, and also because you like my singing.
P/S: The file is not synchronized properly because the recording is done by webcam -.-".

The original piece sung by Kim Ah Joong is HERE.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sun, earth and moon to line up in total eclipse LIVE!

Blood Moon [Lunar Eclipse]

Blood Moon is also known as Lunar Eclipse. This picture you see is taken from some website. However, this is the moon I see.... right now. Will only last me for few minutes and I'll have to wait for the next...

At exactly 8.37pm (AEST) the Sun, Earth and Moon will be in total alignment, scattering light as it passes through the Earth's atmosphere and bounces off the moon in hues of bronze and red.

Video description of
Blood Moon

Total Eclipse all over the world [2007]:
  • The next total lunar eclipse occurs Feb. 21, 2008, and will be visible from the Americas, Europe and Asia.

This is what I see.... Taken half an hour ago!
Photographer: reverendtimothy

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My long lost friend from Japan, 「松元華子」

Hanako Matsumoto

I was the MC for the student exchange gathering night. As I walk down from the centerstage, a pretty girl walked up to me and handed this...

From then onwards, receiving snail mails from her was one the best part of my high school life.

[Click on image to view letter]

We were penpals for a few months until I was rushed to Melbourne on short notice. Mom was really happy when Trinity College, Melbourne University accepted me. I lost Hanako's letters. Thus, lost her address. Her letters were kept in a special box apart from my other letters. I could find the other letters... but hers was too well "preserved". Why I use the word Preserved?

7 years later -.-"

7 years of not being able to contact Hanako = miserable. I could only look at photos of sunsets she took for me with her favourite camera. I remember her telling me,

"Camera...Papa (points from nothing then to herself)"

I think she meant daddy gave her that camera or daddy's camera. One of the two. Never did find out.

Any language is pretty hard to understand if you have not learnt it. It wasn't hard to understand their body language, though. I did not understand anything that was spoken... but I could answer them "Yes", "No" or "Thank you" without having them explain what they said to me.


Hanako stays almost an hour away from my hotel and yet her mom was so sweet to send her to my hotel just to be with me because it was my last night in Japan. Her mom sent us to a nearby beach. Either Hanako likes the beach, or she likes sunset, or she assumes I like sunset, or she knew I like sunset. I never find out. She was right, though. It was lovely. I know she's a girl...but to my very honest opinion, if I were a boy...she'll be my angel. The guys from my high school were drooling over her. I instantly became famous because of her. Just like the teen movies.

Then again, if I were to be a boy... she wouldn't walk up to me with that note in the first place. And if I walked up to her, she'd probably think I'm a perv from Malaysia.

She stayed until 12am and had to go home. Her mom picked her up from the hotel and she went home. I was to leave Japan at 7am the coming morning.

7am in the morning, she was at the lobby... in her school uniform. She did her best to explain to me that she begged her mom to send her here, skipping school... for someone she just met 2 days ago. 2 days!!! Nobody can beat that angel. I never had anyone (same gender) love me so much! I decided there and then, she won the award "Most Sincere Friend" I'll ever have.

That is why I took Japanese as a minor subject at Uni. I searched the internet for Hanako Matsumoto, but to no avail. I called my ex-boyfriend for his foster parents address in Fukuoka (because my ex's foster father was the mayor of that small town), but he couldn't find it. I sent letters to my foster mother (because she was the most traditional, richest lady in that town, I think), but she didn't reply. I think she moved. I panicked.
"What if Hanako moved?? She said she was gonna study English in the U.S! 7 years!!!"

I'm almost assured I've lost her forever. Then I came up with another plan. That is to travel to Fukuoka, do all I can to find her. But I forgot how the place looks like!!! >.<~~ During my last trip back to Malaysia...I went for Hanako's letter hunting again in my room.

I found the box of letters...

as if shining at me. I squealed. I was happy, but still worried about the fact that she might have moved. I wrote to her immediately. Canceled whatever plans I had for the night.

I waited for 3 days...I cried...

Elaine!!!!!!! I never forget you. I tried to send hotmail several times,but it always returned.and I couldn't send letters so long time. but now I am so happy to recieve your letter!Thank you so much.I miss you too You are the university student and still in Austra aren't you? your japanese so nice! I'm sorry my mail is so wired becouse I am so excited. anyway I'm telling you about myself. I have been living in Tokyo for 4 months.I'm working as a cabin attendant now. It's so tough but I like my job. I hope to see you soon. do you have any plans of travel to Japan?

Hanako Matsumoto

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Game One: I-Spy Round Five (Again!)

I spy with my little eye something that begins with the letter "F"!

We have a winner: oops.. Jane!!
Answer : Flag

Reminder: One Answer per player!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Muse - Butterflies and Hurricanes

Feel this with me, my friends.... Piano Solo........ *cRy*!
I'm gonna see this live..... *crY*!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My July In Asia - Coming up Soon!

Dear friends and families,

I'm back in Australia now...Moving in to a new place, bought a brand new absolutely massive PC (well, Kitboy chose the parts so I assume it's MAD too), going to Uni, and cleaning up the house.

There are a few things I would like to post, but I don't have the time, and I haven't unpack. It will take us approximately 2 weeks to get our internet working, 1 day for me to install Photoshop to resize best photos, few days for us to clean the house and so many other things to do!

So there you go. Not that I'm slowing down but there are more reasons to why I haven't been posting. So many pictures from my last visit to Malaysia. Can't wait to update you guys!

P/S: I will find time to compile the list of attendees on Blogger's Day and shall send them to your emails!

Elaine Tan

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Game One: I-Spy Round Five!

I spy....with my little eye...something that starts with the letter "S" again! is really cunning of me to make it rather difficult. Well, this round is taking too long.
Answer : String (On top of shack)

I will choose another picture for next round 5 after I update my JULY in Asia! :)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

"Famous blogger says JUMP! You ask HOW HIGH??? *wags tail*"


All sorts of random questions and finding faults in others seem to interest many bloggers. I am a very calm person but picking on others' faults really tickled me. All in all, the event was a great success. If you have grudge against Sponsors... Dude and dudettes, they sponsored CASH. I would like friends who attend my party to have Canapé and Juices served FOC. That's MY kind of party. Pick on that, why don't you?

I can hardly remember.

"What has hot chicks got to do with bloggers?"

Answer to that - We are humans.

"What is a real Malaysian Blogger?"

I think Josh meant "real" as in real life/in person as to just meeting them online.

"Malaysian Blogger's Day makes us Malaysian lame"

How so? Father's Day in Australia and Father's Day in Malaysia is on different days =/. So if I took out Malaysia in the context, it's okay? if Blogger's Day is lame, therefore it makes blogger's feel lame; THEN Father's Day is lame, thus DON'T CELEBRATE IT so your father won't feel lame. -.- How sickening. Didn't know that. Sorry Dad!


Who do we think we are? I don't think there is a need for that and there is no point to making a big fuss because I claimed it as a Blogger's Day. Don't you think it's a little too harmless to make a big fuss over it? Besides, the event is over and it was great. I'm disappointed by just people who pick on little harmless event and make it sound as though it was an illegal gathering. The event is over and bloggers met bloggers. Any other details, why pick on it? Sigh..

Nothing to blog about? Tell you what, I tried looking back on the overall event organising and found some "FAULTS" that you bloggers can start picking on:

  • "What has NINTENDO got to do with Bloggers?"
  • "What has Friendster got to do with Bloggers?"
  • "Why is the Poster so colouful?"
  • "Why weren't we blogging on blogger's day?"
  • "We should start a non-blogger's day!"
  • "I'm so bored I need to pick on you"
  • "Poster says Blogger's Day, why celebrate at night?"
  • "Someone died on Blogger's Day"
  • "I miss Tun Mahathir"
  • "Thank you for suggesting blog topics"
  • "Hai!! Teh arez an Internazional Bloggerz Dayz!" [inspired by ICANHASCHEEZBURGER]
lol! C'mon bloggers!! Fire away! Wag your tail for them! I can be lame too, but thanks for the links and traffic. Internet trolls don't offend me.

FYI, let me introduce you to BLOGDAY

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Thank you all!!

Here are the pictures of last night! Thank you!!

Alright! Here are the Malaysian Blogger's Night pictures / images!!

For those who missed out last night's smashing party, you're alright! We have one more coming this weekend hosted by Gallivanter! Little details are :

Blogger Booze
21st July 2007
Hartamas Walk @ Hartamas Shopping Centre (Plaza Damas)

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Celebrating Malaysia Blogger's Day! Official Date: 14th JULY

I officially announced the 14th July as Malaysian Blogger's Day!

I'm coming back all the way from Australia and I'm organising a Blogger's Night Out to meet all of you bloggers on this very special day! Everyone is invited!! Non bloggers too! Special invitations to top bloggers of Malaysia will be sent as soon as I touch down in Malaysia! I'm soo happy!

Would you please leave a comment with your name and link? It'll be good if I have an approximate list of confirmed attendees. All the names on this list will have to be there! LOL!

Special guests of the evening:I love to organise parties and love social gatherings. This will be great!socialising virtually and in reality, which do you prefer?I think that's for now..still planning for more activities since now I have more sponsors! Maybe have top bloggers talk about their success :)
  • Hypertune Models & Crew!

  • Malaysian Bloggers!
Merchandise and magazines will be available too!

I don't see why you need more reasons to join us...because:
  • I'll be bringing my Nintendo Wii (for those who has Wii please do save your Miis in the remote and bring it along!

  • Friendster Cafe is a WiFi HotSpot! Bring your laptops and blog if you may!
  • I'll be bringing my Nintendo DS if anyone wants to hook up with my Nintendo DS for a game of Super Mario
  • got more...wait k! I'll update soon after speaking to sponsors about *whisper* "free drinks!"

Nuff sed?

VENUE : Friendster Cafe [Damansara Perdana]
LG01 & 01A, Plaza Emerald
Jalan PJU 8/3A, Damansara Perdana.
47820 Petaling Jaya. Selangor Darul Ehsan

Smaller Map (Click to Enlarge)

Bigger Map (Click to Enlarge)

DATE : 14th July!
TIME: 8PM 'til late! (psst! there's an after party too!)

THEME: Cancelled

FEMALES (What happened to all the female bloggers?! LoL!)

  1. Elaine Tan - miccobayb
  2. Natalie Fong Jean - budderflyx (Thank you, Love!)
  3. Chian Hoon [hot non-blogger]
  4. Zee Zee - Zynamic Gala
  5. Michelle Yap [hot non-blogger]
  6. Cheryl [hot non-blogger]
  7. kinkyjasmine - Link
  8. Angel Valerie - Link
  9. Alice Stephanie - DejaVu World
  10. Princess Shin - Link
  11. Deng - Link
  12. Jean Chia - Link
  13. Cherrie - aprilcherrie
  14. hweeching - Link
  15. Jane - PrincessLadyJane
  16. Jen - jennihsurf
  17. Sue - Link
  18. Sylvia - Link
  19. Stephanie - Link
  20. Cheryl - Link

Do I include Models in this list? Nope...they are "special guests" with Hypertune!


  1. Tim - reverendtimothy
  2. Victor Tan - The Whisky Club (and the girls featured in The Whisky Club!)
  3. Daniel Franklins - Gallivanter
  4. Johnson Teoh - johnsonteoh
  5. Adrian Wee - hamster
  6. Vanilla Sky
  7. FengY
  8. Jerry Ong
  9. Kenny Ng - kenny-ng (Planning to have a gig, *smiLe*)
  10. CKYeo - Sky Keep You
  11. Alex [charming non-blogger]
  12. XetaJones - Link
  13. Rauff - Link
  14. Jerry Ong - Link
  15. Cedric Ang - Link
  16. Jerry Ong - Link
  17. James Chiew - Link
  18. Jing & Simon Peter- Link
  19. KY - Link
  20. bongkerz - Link
  21. Thomas Yap - Link
  22. Melvin Foong - Link
  23. Aaron - Axial
  24. Xbrian - Link
  25. ShawnKid - Link
  26. Budiey - Link
  27. WetWetWater - SapSapSui
  28. David - Our Magician
  29. Khairul - Link
  30. Aiman - Link
  31. smashpOp - Link
  32. Frankie - Link (I'm sure coming down to KL for a weekend is not a bad idea!)
  33. NKtheWoofer - Link
  34. Louis Lim - Link
  35. Zewt - As Zewt as it gets
  36. Yatz - jenkinyat
  37. John Wong - [very hot non-blogger] lol! that good enough?
  38. Chuan - Link
  39. Junn - Link
  40. KA® - Link
  41. Tim Danker - Link
  42. Nick Tay - Link (and HAWT friend)
  43. Eyan - NEED YOUR LINK PLS! :)
  44. Desmond - Link (and friends)
  45. Brave Maverick - Link
  46. Alvin - Link
  47. Noorizam Shah - Link
  48. Mr. Andrew Boey - Link (and Wife!)
  49. Benson - Link (and friend)
  50. Mikemmery - Link (Voluntary Sponsor)

Guys and Girls, Please help with advertising Malaysian Blogger's Day for the first time! Blog it too and invite your readers! Thanks for the Diggs too!

Main Sponsor :

Venue Sponsor : Friendster Cafe

Special Guest : Hypertune

Sunday, July 1, 2007

I'm Finally Coming Home!!!!!

Can't wait to see my J-mie!!! TaDaiiMa!

Yum cha tonight, girls and boys? Flying now! Baiiibaii!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Craft Worm's New Updates!

Baby Blue Dress


Mario Cross Stitch (Half Completed)

Super Mario Bros Papercraft [End of World 1-1]

by nerd-craft

It's got a freaking tiny flag pole!! Soooo Cute!!!

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