Thursday, October 4, 2007

Spiders Behaviour on Video! [Good Quality]

I saw this spider in the garden while I was watering the plants... He was hanging on his web. Seemed 'fainty' so I took my huntsman box out and caught it why it's 'fainty'.

Looks dead at first but when I brought it inside the house.....this is what I saw! The spider was shedding its skin.

My huntsman's name is Onizuka. Yes it is named after Great Teacher Onizuka. Why? Because I was watching GTO when I found him.

I found him wondering around my house. At first I thought I could just leave him around this house because he could eat all the daddy long legs and insects. What made me kept him as pet in a box?

Story of "Onizuka"

One fine day I was doing my laundry. I asked Tim to help me with taking the basket from on top of the cupboard (because I'm short). I stood below where he lifted the basket and Onizuka jumped out of it and landed on my hands! I screamed and ran around the house...naturally. 10 seconds later, I calmed down and took a transparent box...and adopted Onizuka as my pet.

This video shows my huntsman spinning web around his leftover food (corpse of another spider). So far, I've had quite a few spiders as pets and Huntsman are very clean. Firstly because they don't live on webs.

Happy watching! They are amazing. Some may say "Eeewww!" but I grew up with them.


Gazard said...

Huntsman don't feel dizzily after keep turning around for so long? Amazing! :)

MiccObaYb said...

Hi there gazard! haha.. I don't know..I'll ask Onizuka! I seldom see him spin like this..then again I seldom watch him too. Today was exceptional because of the other spider shedding its skin.
Very nice of you to drop by..I see you're another fan of spiderS?

beto said...

a girl and her scary looking spiders.

you sure ain't a ordinary girl.


Jasonmumbles said...

Home made national geographic! :D

MiccObaYb said...

beto: Tell you what, beto.. I am not :P

jason: haha...that's a thought I should consider :P

Michael Song said...

not many girls play wif spiders... i myself also a bit scared of it, dunno which one got poison or which one not...

MiccObaYb said...

Michael: hehe isn't it great we have the internet for education purpose? :) That's where I find out :) How are you doing?

PrincessRen said...

hi there. i always wonder who the hell wud buy a spider at a pet shop? well looks like i'm wrong.. u're 1 of them and a girl at that... hahahahha... i still cant conquer this fear of spiders... even looking at ur video clip makes my hair stand on its end at the back of my neck..:P

MiccObaYb said...

hey princess ren :) I didn't buy the spider fyo :P I actually went to Adelaide Museum and asked for my black widow :)
I can understand the fear. What's funny was : I wanted to feed my spiders a baby cockroach I found at home. I open the spider cage at ease but freaked out when the cockroach ran away. ZzZzz.. I know how you feel.