Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Relationship Marketing (Presentation)

My Presentation Script (Introduction)

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, my name is Elaine. Present here with me today are my colleagues Ludi, Matt, and Yee Pin.

Our focus for today is to discuss to what extent will Pfizer benefit from Relationship marketing. Towards the end we will also provide recommendations on marketing strategy which benefits both Pfizer and their customers.

Before I begin, may I ask what is relationship marketing? Anyone? Is it to build a relationship in order to sell more?

Relationship marketing is strategic orientation that focuses on KEEPING and IMPROVING relationships with CURRENT customers rather than acquiring new customers.

What are the INTENTIONS of Relationship Marketing?

First point here says Profitable. Profits in this context is skewed to qualitative than quantitative. Profit here means Value. Values where both supplier and customers appreciate.We build Long term relationship beyond the initial contact hoping to achieve to a level of commitment where both parties can rely, trust and are confident with each other.Building customer bonds are emphasised on PEOPLE. Products and services are expected to be of quality considering there is trust in the relationship. It is easier said than done. Now I shall pass the hand to Ludi to explain the process of Relationship marketing.


Briefly I shall explain Why do you do customisation.
After achieving a good relationship with a customer, you combine your knowledge and data acquired from survey or relationship with our own company’s database, and see what can be done to be of best service.

1. Retrieve – past purchases, survey, what is needed.
2. Analyse – compare with own database, check life span of products, usage (when to stock)
3. Propose – Inventory Planning. Stock and deliver in time for you to replace.

Reduce cost - extra paperwork or personnel, you can focus on your work.
Reduce downtime - engineers analysed the usage and lifecycle of products on site, reminding you when to change to be of best performance. Avoiding fault that causes downtime.
Reduce Stock - there is no need to stock.


cw said...

Sounds like work. TLDR.

Get someone to record and post a video, I rather watch it instead.


Jacky said...

try to score additional points by bringing in the pareto analysis (some called it the 80/20 analysis) about retaining improving current customers..

did u bring in the delivery network? CRM? Flower of Service? Blueprinting (or flowcharting..very very important)? Service Recovery?

beto said...

i think you can score additional points by wearing that swimsuit during presentation.
nobody will even hear what you will say.