Monday, April 30, 2007

Game [I-Spy] : Round One

I spy....with my little eye...something that starts with the letter "C"!

WE HAVE A WINNER! The answer is "CROSS"!

CW: May I have your personal details? Thank you!


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Sunday, April 29, 2007

1st Game : I-Spy Contestants!

Alright, I changed my mind about the limited number of contestants. A few information to all readers...

  • Anonymous is not accepted.
  • Game commences on 1st May 12AM.
  • Results will be accumulated at the end of May.
  • I will post questions at ANYTIME and I will not notify anyone.
  • In order to win this game, it takes one to be LOYAL, QUICK, and able to READ MY MIND. *giggLes*
  • Gift to the winner is guaranteed. I am generous if you didn't know. I came up with this game because I really want to share things I cherish intellectually to (initially) selected people. Then I thought..I should share. So EVERYONE is invited to join!
  • 1 win = 1 point.
  • Altogether 20 round.
  • You can only answer ONCE!
How to win?
  1. First contestant who answers correctly gets the point.
  2. Since there is no limit to contestant numbers, the highest point contestant (at the end of MAY) wins.
  4. I will then contact the Winner for POSTAL address!!
  5. GOOD LUCK & ENJOY!! Coz I'm enjoying this tooo!
Thank you!

Loyalty competition begins!

Game Information :

  • Only ONE winner will receive a personal GIFT from me by POST all the way from AUSTRALIA. (don't worry, I'm not cheap...)
  • Only 10 selected contestants. I will have 2 contestant position free for voluntary participants. No harm playing along.
  • Different games will be held every month.
  • Game duration will be informed.
  • Results will be posted weekly!
  • Answers to be typed in comments.
  • First contestant who answers correctly wins.
  • Note : To win these games, it takes one to be loyal, quick SMART and able to read my mind (I don't know how)
List of upcoming games :
  1. I-Spy
  2. Photohunt
  3. What's wrong with the photo?
  4. ...and lots more!!
For those who knows how to play I-SPY, here's a practice trial :

I spy...with my little eye...something that begins with the letter 'N'!

You've got the answer?
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The answer will be out in 24 hours from time posted. [30 April : 7:21pm]

Desperate Stewey in Adelaide city

Desperate Stewey

Name : Stewey Tuxedo Mao
Age : 6 months old & desperate!!

Mom thinks I'm cute. She told me there were friends in the city that I could meet...
"It's about time I meet someone now! I'm... getting desperate."
On a fine afternoon, mom dressed usual, I wear my tux.

It's okay! I'm going to the humans... no piglets for me, thanks mom!

Oooo yea.. that feels gooood.... Neeed to......lick.

*Slams Door*!

A few photos I took on ANZAC Day... It was just from King William St. to North Terrace. Two Blocks! Haha!
This is specially dedicated to Alexander...

Friday, April 27, 2007

I know I'm late.. but WHAT!?!?!?@


Sorry to say, but the show in KL will not proceed. Today - Sat.Jan.20.07. - we received confirmation that we did not get approval from the 'authorities'. Sorry KL but we tried.

Despite our best efforts to put on a show here, we were rebuffed.

We will be back in Singapore at some point this year, so we hope that the thousands of Malaysian fans will make their way down for that show.

Jumpa lagi, Inshallah.


RUSSELLPETERS.COM | posted on January 21, 2007

I know it was January....but I just saw WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU GUYS?



Anzac Day!

Spent my entire morning til noon just taking pictures of the march on North Terrace of Adelaide! So colorful...but the fact that Anzac Day is "commemorated by Australia and New Zealand on 25 April every year to remember members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) who landed at Gallipoli in Turkey during World War I.", I took pictures in classic colours, to make it more memorable. Autumn-ish since it is Autumn ^^!

It is also Tuxedo's 3rd day out! He behaved so well... ^^.

From Wikipedia : ANZAC DAY

Thursday, April 26, 2007

MiccO's Cooking: Curry Laksa

Ingredients for soup:
1. Malaysian curry paste
2. Coconut milk
3. Water
4. Chicken
5. Fishball

DO NOT cook the noodles with the soup. Have the soup prepared, use another pot for boiling the noodles (it changes the taste of soup). That way, remaining soup can be refrigerated for next boiling (if needed).

Suppose to have:
1. Been Sprouts (Taugeh)
2. Long beans
3. I don't remember...
Itada Kimasu!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Every weekend is someone's Birthday!

Back in Malaysia, Dad's always telling me, "Why you have so many birthdays to go to, arh? Everyday is my birthday! You better stay at home!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My Redback@Black Widow is HUNGRY!

This is a clear, close-up video of my pet redback paralysing its prey...preparing for dinner! Redbacks can last without food for 100 days...This was only 2 weeks without wormy for my redback and I fed her with a mealworm!

Hottest Female Blogger in Malaysia - Natalie Fong Jean

How to vote for my baby sister :
Click on her name or picture, you'll link to cedricang's website and start voting for her! Thank you!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Process of Cooking Asian Food..hungry? *sLurpS*

"Why don't you put up pictures of good food in Adelaide since you're there?" asks someone. That's because cooking is good. The satisfaction is on the fact that I can experiment on combinations and make it a dish! How is that done?

1. Groceries shopping. Walk every single lane of the supermarket. Throw anything I think is useful in the basket. Never happy if the basket is not full. Refrigerator is full.. (Funny how my biscuits, cereals and milk go missing... it's okay. I'll use salt that isn't mine)

2. Stares at refrigerator, "I'll use this, this, that and this. Oh! and that too!" [Close refrigerator]

3. Chop..chop..wash..wash..rinse rinse...

4. Cook. What else? [1 hour later] Dinner is ready! Dinner is ready! I'm so hungry!

5. [Phone: Brrr Brrr] "I'm downstairs"... "Okay! Coming"

6. [Back in apartment] "mmmmm.....Smells good!"

7. *Smacks forehead* "Er.... hehe... why don't something to do?"

8. Pour..Rinse..rinse..wipe..wipe..measure..measure..turn on switch..Push down "COOK" button.
"How long more 'til dinner is ready~~I'm hungry~"
"15-20 minutes!"

LoL! That's 'what' I ALWAYS forget.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Sheeeeeesh! My internet is gone again. Since I'm staying in this apartment for less than 3 months, I didn't bother getting the land line and adsl connected. Besides, we're given free wireless internet. However, I'm only allowed 1gig of download per month. It's not even half a month...I've used up the allowance. LoL! No class! Having my semester break just relying on internet to connect myself to the world. I didn't even download songs or movies...just by reading blogs..posting..checking deviantarts..going to Super Mario websites..ebay..*sigh*..It must be youtube. I checked on tsunami *cries for two tragedies-tsunami and no internet*

I'm down to my blackberry's internet...thank you blackberry. I'd die without internet!I'm 3 quarters dead.Only my fingers survived to type these on my cute little blackberry buttons.

Monday, April 16, 2007


This is a movie you MUST watch! For all anime lovers out there, this is a movie anime... if you know what I mean. Real life anime. I know it doesn't make sense, but I'll assure you, you'll love it!

Liking it? *grIns*
Feedbacks from you will be good ^^!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

I'm sorry, J-mie. Please forgive me.

The pillow is drenched... her eyes all swelled up from crying.

Ever since Precious went missing, Micco was devastated. She flew back to Malaysia and found her house brightly lit. There was a welcome home party held just for her and family friends gradually filled up the indoor terrace. Everyone welcomed her and hugged her. Micco wasn't impressed because J-mie didn't show up. Mom ignored her, occupied by boasting her delicious Curry Laksa. No one bothered except for Jason, Aunt Florence's baby boy whom Micco takes as her charming little brother. His expression tells it all from the other end of the terrace. 'Where's J-mie'?

Frustrated, Micco stomp towards her maid and demanded on letting J-mie go."Who caged her!?", she asked furiously.

Her maid, Kak(sister) Yani was her best friend at home. She was the only person in the house who loves animals as much as Micco does. When Micco is sick, Yani will take care of her. Micco brings her out to shopping malls whenever possible. Micco also present her a kitten, named "baby" because Yani says it's so much easier to pronounce. Despite the sisterhood, Yani was speechless. She bounced Micco off by giving her a sharp, "I don't know. Ask someone else!" Micco knew it wasn't her fault. She loves J-mie just as much. Micco was then enraged by the fact that she has to be polite with guests. She ran upstairs screaming silently towards Victor's (her brother) room.

"J-mie is very ill. One day she got out of the house, that's probably how she got herself in trouble. She's now put in our other house's resting".

"What the f***?! And no one had the courtesy to tell me this until I find it out myself?!", Micco ran downstairs. Tears begin to flow down her cheeks anxiously.

For f***'s sake... resting in an empty house? What the f*** kind of rest is that for an ill puppy?!

Jason tagged along when he saw Micco ran out of the house in the dark. With tears blurring her vision, it didn't help. Micco doesn't know which house was it. Mom and Dad bought the house no long ago when she was in Australia. "J-mie!" She yells out. "J-mie, mummy's home. Where are you?" her voice cracked. Jason helped to look for J-mie without uttering a word to Micco. That comforts Micco.

Siberian huskies don't bark. Besides, J-mie could be too ill and shattered to howl. Hel.pless.

Towards the end of the sidewalk, there was a back light poorly lit. Two newborn puppies sucking hard for milk. J-mie. It was hard for her to stand, she lifts her head weakly and looked at Micco yearning for love. Micco broke down. Jason called for a neighbour not far from the house.

One of our neighbours arrived. He's a vet. He examined J-mie thoroughly, shooked his head gently.

"J-mie is undernourished, suffering from severe pain and shock. The need to feed two puppies in this condition, she is now very ill and exhausted. She just gave birth to these puppies not long ago. Perhaps two days. I'm surprised she'd even made it. Please take good care of her since you're back."

Nothing could stop Micco from crying. Not even a dream.

Note : I'm not a dream person. I don't usually get to dream at all and if I did, I would regard it as 'not-a-good-sleep'. This story was a dream I had this morning. My pillow was really wet crying IN the dream and I woke up still crying until I went for a shower. None of the above description was made up. I could remember everything that happened. For once, I didn't know I was dreaming when I was dreaming.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Maryann's visit to Malaysia

Maryann in Malaysia. Elaine was assigned as a tour guide to the Boettcher family. Where did we go? Elaine doesn't really know a lot about Malaysia's best food stalls and tourist places...because she was 'sorta' away from the country since age 17. Wasn't really allowed to drive before 17, so yea... Limited days, busy schedule, Elaine manage to bring Maryann to :

*Click on image to designated websites*

Genting Highlands

Sunway Lagoon

Zouk Club KL (Velvet Underground)

Kelvin & Kelly's Wedding!

More pictures here!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Super Mario Brothers!

Old School Games

Flash back! This character has been haunting deep inside us unconsciously. I'm not kidding... I can hear you humming the Mario song... You tell me if Mario is in your blood. Mario is in our blood... Can't wait til Super Mario Galaxy is out for Nintendo Wii!!!

More Mario Animations :

Mario 1 Mario 2 Can't find more Mario animations. Link me some if you do!

Pleasure to your ears... here's a clip to our all time favourite theme song!

Tuxedo's Day Out!

~Tuxedo's Day Out at Rundle Mall~

What is it like to see things from a Tuxedo's point of view? All I can imagine what is in Tuxedo's mind is, "What in the world are they doing?!" Tuxedo sat on my lap while watching Dad getting his haircut.
"Ooo!Ooo! Let me goo! That ball wants me!" Watched kids practice pitching....
"Seriously...let me go." and stood steadily on Pig "statue".

People have the impression that cats are meant to be in-the-house, and dogs are meant to go out for walks. This reminds me of my past experience with my fellow cutesy friends in Malaysia.

First was my baby, Micco. He's a maltese puppy. Naturally, I would bring him everywhere I go. I'm an animal lover. I would bring any of my babies wherever I go. Since then, I become more aware of humans suddenly in love with their pets. Either that, or they are 'suddenly' proud of their pets. How sweet~ Didn't see much of THAT happening before. Maybe I didn't pay attention.
Maybe. =/

Want to know what happened to Micco? (links will lead you to detailed stories)
Then came Precious. Funny how I name a male cat 'Precious'. He became my beloved because of his cool behaviour. He is cool and calm, contented just being with me. (that's my perception btw...) One day I decided. "Who would challenge me in bringing your pet CAT out?"

*wInk* I win!
Although there wasn't really any challenger whatsoever... I thought it was amazing. The challenge was in me. I brought my Missy out. A Cockatail to One Utama Shopping Mall! Eyes on Missy!

Impressed? I'm not. My habits killed my babies.
Micco died outside my house one day because that freaking one day I didn't bring him to class with me...
Precious is now gone because...of a misunderstanding.
Missy died because he was out with me, frightened by a grasscutter, flew to a kennel.

IMPORTANT! ALWAYS keep your baby animals on a LEASH when you're OUTDOOR if you don't want to LOSE them.

Find the spider!

Redback in his New Home!

Where do you think the spider is? Looking from a photographer's point of view.... Hey! What were you thinking?! Focus!
That's more like it! :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Traditional Easter Egg Hunt!

Never ever knew what Easter was about. When I was younger, I had an impression of Easter as egg painting celebration. LoL! This time around, I grew up... I ask questions.

1) Why do we have Easter holidays? Must be something important to have a holiday.
Answer : So it's Jesus who gave us a holiday.

2) What happened to Jesus?
Answer : Reborn

3) What in the world has Jesus reborn got to do with bunnies, eggs and chocolates??!
MiccO's Easter Holiday Activities!

Sunday morning (8th April), I was draggin my bum out of bed when Annabel came knocking on our doors saying, "wake up! The easter bunny came by! come on out and see the mess he made!"

As we walked through the hallway to the family hall, Roger enthusiastically said he managed to trick Easter bunny. "Easter bunny sneaked in to our house last night..but little did he know that I put powder at the main door where he enters and look! There are easter bunnies footprints all over! Hahaha! Now... Elaine and Marrisa, can you see easter bunnies footprints? Follow them! See what easter bunny left for you!

Apparently, Easter bunny gave us so many egg shaped chocolates ^^! Roger said, "We heard some noises down the hall this morning so we rushed out. Easter bunny panicked and ran out! The main door caught a little bit of his bunny fur! LoL!

All of us did were not given time to even brush our teeth!! *Psst* I couldn't resist my chockies I ate one before brushing my teeth that morning! *wInk*! I thought that was it but no! We had egg treasure hunt! I felt like a noob...but to be honest, it was really funny. I had a great time despite the puffy eyes and morning breath...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Morialta Falls Hiking (Adelaide)

Like I said, I want this year to be an adventurous one. Finally made arrangements with a few friends and there we are at Morialta Falls here in Adelaide. To be honest, I didn't quite know what exactly hiking really meant. I always thought hiking would be venturing into the woods or wild forest. What is hiking? All I could think of when I was up in these mountains is this adventure game I used to play. What was it? Monkey Island. I saw small little caves and recalled how I use to climb in caves (in the game). It was good fun...

More pictures here! Took pictures along the way and I circled the look-outs too! :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Notice to all Readers...

Dear Readers,

My mom gave away my favourite cat. She didn't know how dear Precious was to me. The adopter was our gardener. He took Precious to Kampung Pandan, but Precious escaped in that area. I need your help, readers. I'm currently in Australia and can't do anything until I return. If anyone live in that area, I will REWARD in $$ to those who found Precious. I don't know how wide Kampung Pandan is.. If I'm there, I'll search the whole area. Just call out for Precious. He is very responsive...

Precious is my first Cat in the house back in Malaysia. He is an extraordinarily calm cat. I could put him in my bag, bring him anywhere I want to and he doesn't complain or feels uncomfortable. His personality is very similar to Micco. That was how he got his name Precious. He is very precious to me.
Last year, I noticed Precious was having difficulty urinating. His bladder swell until it was stone-like which frightened me because I could see him going off to the kitty litter, forced himself to pee but he couldn't. I had him sent to the hospital, he had crystals which stopped the flow of urine. This is because Precious is sensitive to high salt content food. I will not name the brands. It is common among cats. It's called "Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease"

Doctor said if Precious was left unnoticed of his situation, he would have died. He was surprised I actually noticed at the early stages. Precious had a catheter injected through his penis. The process was excruciating. Precious was then succumb to one type of food that can only be found in VETs/Pet Clinic. The operation cost me approximately RM800...

After the operation, Precious was healthy again. Not long after, he attempted on the dog's food and got himself in trouble again. The next operation cost me another bomb. Then onwards, Precious had to be caged... There was nothing I could do.

Mom thought I didn't care anymore. In fact, I had everything sorted out mainly for Precious. The cage was built for Precious to prevent him from eating the other pet's food... All the careful medication and making sure Precious is safe from harmful shringes.... in the end... I'm furious and utterly depressed at mom, but I don't blame her. It is not going to bring Precious back to me.
Please help. I will reward anyone who found Precious. If you have any news on Precious, Message me!

Stewey Tuxedo Mao VS Nintendo Wii

Stewey : What is that? It's hypnotising me! I can't get my eyes off it! It's magnetic! My eyes.... @.@
Stewey : Geez...I can't sleep no more... My eyes @.@
Dad and me posing. ~It doesn't matter if you're black or whitE! der der der der DEr DEr~ quote Micheal Jackson. =)

Monday, April 2, 2007

New family member - Stewey Tuxedo Mao

LoL! What a name... That's the way it is now, Cat!

When 'Cat' came in as a new family member,I found it difficult to get him a name. The fact that he was black and white, first thing that came to my head was 'Tuxedo'. That was his first "probable" name.

LoL! "How do you say 'cat' in mandarin?"

Why Stewey?

Do you watch Family Guy? This cat is mischevious. Just like Stewey from 'The Family Guy', this cat loves to attack me.... Like I'm Lois. Thus, the name Stewey.

"Stewey Tuxedo Mao"

Sunday, April 1, 2007

"What Rules?" says Victor

This is my brother. He is smart, intelligent, extremely creative, deep, and hilarious. Just sometimes, he can't help it...! The world that we live in is queer. What in the world does that regulation sign is trying to imply? Hmm... Didn't know J-mie was allowed in the KL International Airport.

Victor : First sign says, dogs not allowed. Second sign says, dogs allowed. What the... o.O?

"Dilarang Merokok" = "No Smoking Zone"Victor : Who cares man... I'm confused!