Thursday, April 12, 2007

Super Mario Brothers!

Old School Games

Flash back! This character has been haunting deep inside us unconsciously. I'm not kidding... I can hear you humming the Mario song... You tell me if Mario is in your blood. Mario is in our blood... Can't wait til Super Mario Galaxy is out for Nintendo Wii!!!

More Mario Animations :

Mario 1 Mario 2 Can't find more Mario animations. Link me some if you do!

Pleasure to your ears... here's a clip to our all time favourite theme song!


Darcius said...

AHHHHH darn you micco... making me want to play mario T_T i dont have a wii only a ps2 >_>" but wii will never beat duck hunt! DH IS THE GOD GAME!!! without duckhunt there is no hunt... without the hunt there is no mario... ~_^ heheheh

Elaine Tan said...

Darcius... I think duck hunt will come in the future..fingers crossed! Wii remotes works as guns too *bLeh*