Sunday, April 29, 2007

Loyalty competition begins!

Game Information :

  • Only ONE winner will receive a personal GIFT from me by POST all the way from AUSTRALIA. (don't worry, I'm not cheap...)
  • Only 10 selected contestants. I will have 2 contestant position free for voluntary participants. No harm playing along.
  • Different games will be held every month.
  • Game duration will be informed.
  • Results will be posted weekly!
  • Answers to be typed in comments.
  • First contestant who answers correctly wins.
  • Note : To win these games, it takes one to be loyal, quick SMART and able to read my mind (I don't know how)
List of upcoming games :
  1. I-Spy
  2. Photohunt
  3. What's wrong with the photo?
  4. ...and lots more!!
For those who knows how to play I-SPY, here's a practice trial :

I spy...with my little eye...something that begins with the letter 'N'!

You've got the answer?
Tell us how you got the answer! Click HERE!


The answer will be out in 24 hours from time posted. [30 April : 7:21pm]


Maryann said...

Necklace :D

teefernee said...

Nintendo? =)

Stanly said...


Anonymous said...

Nintendo ?
Had to wiki I-spy -_-

antonie76 said...


cuz your holding it in your hands..

Antonie. ;)

Elaine Tan said...

Stanly : lol! you had to study what i-spy is? Great! Now you learn something new!

Everyone : Thank you for participating this trial version of my blog's loyalty competition on I-Spy! From this trial, I'll select the contestants for the real 10 round game. Look out for my next post on contestant details and game information! Yay!

tenshi-jin said...


Anonymous said...

Still trying to figure what's in the second picture...

Elaine Tan said...

anonymous : the second object that I'm holding is a NES 2. Limited edition of Nintendo Consoles.

tenshi-jin : Welcome!

Everyone : Trial of this game has come to an end. I will now choose the contestants. Look out for my next post!