Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Traditional Easter Egg Hunt!

Never ever knew what Easter was about. When I was younger, I had an impression of Easter as egg painting celebration. LoL! This time around, I grew up... I ask questions.

1) Why do we have Easter holidays? Must be something important to have a holiday.
Answer : So it's Jesus who gave us a holiday.

2) What happened to Jesus?
Answer : Reborn

3) What in the world has Jesus reborn got to do with bunnies, eggs and chocolates??!
MiccO's Easter Holiday Activities!

Sunday morning (8th April), I was draggin my bum out of bed when Annabel came knocking on our doors saying, "wake up! The easter bunny came by! come on out and see the mess he made!"

As we walked through the hallway to the family hall, Roger enthusiastically said he managed to trick Easter bunny. "Easter bunny sneaked in to our house last night..but little did he know that I put powder at the main door where he enters and look! There are easter bunnies footprints all over! Hahaha! Now... Elaine and Marrisa, can you see easter bunnies footprints? Follow them! See what easter bunny left for you!

Apparently, Easter bunny gave us so many egg shaped chocolates ^^! Roger said, "We heard some noises down the hall this morning so we rushed out. Easter bunny panicked and ran out! The main door caught a little bit of his bunny fur! LoL!

All of us did were not given time to even brush our teeth!! *Psst* I couldn't resist my chockies I ate one before brushing my teeth that morning! *wInk*! I thought that was it but no! We had egg treasure hunt! I felt like a noob...but to be honest, it was really funny. I had a great time despite the puffy eyes and morning breath...

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