Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Sheeeeeesh! My internet is gone again. Since I'm staying in this apartment for less than 3 months, I didn't bother getting the land line and adsl connected. Besides, we're given free wireless internet. However, I'm only allowed 1gig of download per month. It's not even half a month...I've used up the allowance. LoL! No class! Having my semester break just relying on internet to connect myself to the world. I didn't even download songs or movies...just by reading blogs..posting..checking deviantarts..going to Super Mario websites..ebay..*sigh*..It must be youtube. I checked on tsunami *cries for two tragedies-tsunami and no internet*

I'm down to my blackberry's internet...thank you blackberry. I'd die without internet!I'm 3 quarters dead.Only my fingers survived to type these on my cute little blackberry buttons.


freethinker said...

1 G only ??? Cukup ar?

freethinker said...

1 G enough ???

Elaine Tan said...

haha...1g tak cukup :P but what to do... I'm only staying here for about 2 months. not worth paying for the connection fee (landline + adsl) that may come up to like what, AUD200? Won't have this problem after I move! =)