Thursday, April 12, 2007

Tuxedo's Day Out!

~Tuxedo's Day Out at Rundle Mall~

What is it like to see things from a Tuxedo's point of view? All I can imagine what is in Tuxedo's mind is, "What in the world are they doing?!" Tuxedo sat on my lap while watching Dad getting his haircut.
"Ooo!Ooo! Let me goo! That ball wants me!" Watched kids practice pitching....
"Seriously...let me go." and stood steadily on Pig "statue".

People have the impression that cats are meant to be in-the-house, and dogs are meant to go out for walks. This reminds me of my past experience with my fellow cutesy friends in Malaysia.

First was my baby, Micco. He's a maltese puppy. Naturally, I would bring him everywhere I go. I'm an animal lover. I would bring any of my babies wherever I go. Since then, I become more aware of humans suddenly in love with their pets. Either that, or they are 'suddenly' proud of their pets. How sweet~ Didn't see much of THAT happening before. Maybe I didn't pay attention.
Maybe. =/

Want to know what happened to Micco? (links will lead you to detailed stories)
Then came Precious. Funny how I name a male cat 'Precious'. He became my beloved because of his cool behaviour. He is cool and calm, contented just being with me. (that's my perception btw...) One day I decided. "Who would challenge me in bringing your pet CAT out?"

*wInk* I win!
Although there wasn't really any challenger whatsoever... I thought it was amazing. The challenge was in me. I brought my Missy out. A Cockatail to One Utama Shopping Mall! Eyes on Missy!

Impressed? I'm not. My habits killed my babies.
Micco died outside my house one day because that freaking one day I didn't bring him to class with me...
Precious is now gone because...of a misunderstanding.
Missy died because he was out with me, frightened by a grasscutter, flew to a kennel.

IMPORTANT! ALWAYS keep your baby animals on a LEASH when you're OUTDOOR if you don't want to LOSE them.

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