Saturday, April 14, 2007

I'm sorry, J-mie. Please forgive me.

The pillow is drenched... her eyes all swelled up from crying.

Ever since Precious went missing, Micco was devastated. She flew back to Malaysia and found her house brightly lit. There was a welcome home party held just for her and family friends gradually filled up the indoor terrace. Everyone welcomed her and hugged her. Micco wasn't impressed because J-mie didn't show up. Mom ignored her, occupied by boasting her delicious Curry Laksa. No one bothered except for Jason, Aunt Florence's baby boy whom Micco takes as her charming little brother. His expression tells it all from the other end of the terrace. 'Where's J-mie'?

Frustrated, Micco stomp towards her maid and demanded on letting J-mie go."Who caged her!?", she asked furiously.

Her maid, Kak(sister) Yani was her best friend at home. She was the only person in the house who loves animals as much as Micco does. When Micco is sick, Yani will take care of her. Micco brings her out to shopping malls whenever possible. Micco also present her a kitten, named "baby" because Yani says it's so much easier to pronounce. Despite the sisterhood, Yani was speechless. She bounced Micco off by giving her a sharp, "I don't know. Ask someone else!" Micco knew it wasn't her fault. She loves J-mie just as much. Micco was then enraged by the fact that she has to be polite with guests. She ran upstairs screaming silently towards Victor's (her brother) room.

"J-mie is very ill. One day she got out of the house, that's probably how she got herself in trouble. She's now put in our other house's resting".

"What the f***?! And no one had the courtesy to tell me this until I find it out myself?!", Micco ran downstairs. Tears begin to flow down her cheeks anxiously.

For f***'s sake... resting in an empty house? What the f*** kind of rest is that for an ill puppy?!

Jason tagged along when he saw Micco ran out of the house in the dark. With tears blurring her vision, it didn't help. Micco doesn't know which house was it. Mom and Dad bought the house no long ago when she was in Australia. "J-mie!" She yells out. "J-mie, mummy's home. Where are you?" her voice cracked. Jason helped to look for J-mie without uttering a word to Micco. That comforts Micco.

Siberian huskies don't bark. Besides, J-mie could be too ill and shattered to howl. Hel.pless.

Towards the end of the sidewalk, there was a back light poorly lit. Two newborn puppies sucking hard for milk. J-mie. It was hard for her to stand, she lifts her head weakly and looked at Micco yearning for love. Micco broke down. Jason called for a neighbour not far from the house.

One of our neighbours arrived. He's a vet. He examined J-mie thoroughly, shooked his head gently.

"J-mie is undernourished, suffering from severe pain and shock. The need to feed two puppies in this condition, she is now very ill and exhausted. She just gave birth to these puppies not long ago. Perhaps two days. I'm surprised she'd even made it. Please take good care of her since you're back."

Nothing could stop Micco from crying. Not even a dream.

Note : I'm not a dream person. I don't usually get to dream at all and if I did, I would regard it as 'not-a-good-sleep'. This story was a dream I had this morning. My pillow was really wet crying IN the dream and I woke up still crying until I went for a shower. None of the above description was made up. I could remember everything that happened. For once, I didn't know I was dreaming when I was dreaming.

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