Thursday, April 26, 2007

MiccO's Cooking: Curry Laksa

Ingredients for soup:
1. Malaysian curry paste
2. Coconut milk
3. Water
4. Chicken
5. Fishball

DO NOT cook the noodles with the soup. Have the soup prepared, use another pot for boiling the noodles (it changes the taste of soup). That way, remaining soup can be refrigerated for next boiling (if needed).

Suppose to have:
1. Been Sprouts (Taugeh)
2. Long beans
3. I don't remember...
Itada Kimasu!


Alexander said...

OMG!!!....i had this in a pot... not a's a POT i ate.

Elaine Tan said...

Alex, did you mean the one I cooked? Or the goodie ones in Penang? LoL =P I don't even remember if I did cook you curry laksa.. Did I?

reverendtimothy said...

This was, without a doubt, the best laksa I've EVER had. YUM! :-D

zewt said...

ha.... malaysian curry paste... have to be so specific eh?

Elaine Tan said...

lol..yes I have to :P coz I haven't tried the others. Don't know how it tastes like. Do you have any to recommend?