Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Notice to all Readers...

Dear Readers,

My mom gave away my favourite cat. She didn't know how dear Precious was to me. The adopter was our gardener. He took Precious to Kampung Pandan, but Precious escaped in that area. I need your help, readers. I'm currently in Australia and can't do anything until I return. If anyone live in that area, I will REWARD in $$ to those who found Precious. I don't know how wide Kampung Pandan is.. If I'm there, I'll search the whole area. Just call out for Precious. He is very responsive...

Precious is my first Cat in the house back in Malaysia. He is an extraordinarily calm cat. I could put him in my bag, bring him anywhere I want to and he doesn't complain or feels uncomfortable. His personality is very similar to Micco. That was how he got his name Precious. He is very precious to me.
Last year, I noticed Precious was having difficulty urinating. His bladder swell until it was stone-like which frightened me because I could see him going off to the kitty litter, forced himself to pee but he couldn't. I had him sent to the hospital, he had crystals which stopped the flow of urine. This is because Precious is sensitive to high salt content food. I will not name the brands. It is common among cats. It's called "Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease"

Doctor said if Precious was left unnoticed of his situation, he would have died. He was surprised I actually noticed at the early stages. Precious had a catheter injected through his penis. The process was excruciating. Precious was then succumb to one type of food that can only be found in VETs/Pet Clinic. The operation cost me approximately RM800...

After the operation, Precious was healthy again. Not long after, he attempted on the dog's food and got himself in trouble again. The next operation cost me another bomb. Then onwards, Precious had to be caged... There was nothing I could do.

Mom thought I didn't care anymore. In fact, I had everything sorted out mainly for Precious. The cage was built for Precious to prevent him from eating the other pet's food... All the careful medication and making sure Precious is safe from harmful shringes.... in the end... I'm furious and utterly depressed at mom, but I don't blame her. It is not going to bring Precious back to me.
Please help. I will reward anyone who found Precious. If you have any news on Precious, Message me!


MJ said...

Try contacting SPCA, PAWS. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your cat. But I think, u can just forget about him. Anybody who found the cat, would definitely take it and keep it. Yup, typical MALAYSIAN will do that.

The same thing happened to my cat, about a year ago. I took him back to KL, and he went out...and never returned.

I think, it's about time we catch these cat-snatchers. And it's about time, these people stop stealing other ppl's PRECIOUS cats.

Elaine Tan said...

hie.. thank you so much... I know what you mean 'anonymous'..
I just hope whoever found precious..please take good care of him. He can only consume one type of food that can only be bought from the vet. Don't think people from Kg Pandan would pay extra for a so called stray cat.