Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Process of Cooking Asian Food..hungry? *sLurpS*

"Why don't you put up pictures of good food in Adelaide since you're there?" asks someone. That's because cooking is good. The satisfaction is on the fact that I can experiment on combinations and make it a dish! How is that done?

1. Groceries shopping. Walk every single lane of the supermarket. Throw anything I think is useful in the basket. Never happy if the basket is not full. Refrigerator is full.. (Funny how my biscuits, cereals and milk go missing... it's okay. I'll use salt that isn't mine)

2. Stares at refrigerator, "I'll use this, this, that and this. Oh! and that too!" [Close refrigerator]

3. Chop..chop..wash..wash..rinse rinse...

4. Cook. What else? [1 hour later] Dinner is ready! Dinner is ready! I'm so hungry!

5. [Phone: Brrr Brrr] "I'm downstairs"... "Okay! Coming"

6. [Back in apartment] "mmmmm.....Smells good!"

7. *Smacks forehead* "Er.... hehe... why don't something to do?"

8. Pour..Rinse..rinse..wipe..wipe..measure..measure..turn on switch..Push down "COOK" button.
"How long more 'til dinner is ready~~I'm hungry~"
"15-20 minutes!"

LoL! That's 'what' I ALWAYS forget.


Alexander said...

I want noodle soup that i ate for the first time u left Adelaide!!!!!

Elaine Tan said...

Aww.. Alex.. haha! I still remember you tear because I said that! Ooopss..shhh... ^^ When I'm back in Malaysia, come down to KL, k? My mom can cook waayy better =) Anyone up for the best curry laksa with a spa-like environment? ^^