Saturday, February 24, 2007

BEST MOMMY! No.1 Mom of the Century!

She's self-motivated, always on-the-go, sporting, lively, cheerful, smart, biz-queen, bearing queen, charismatic, and dynamic...there's so much more in her that I cannot actually put into words to describe... for those who knows Regina Tan... knows she's the best lady in town!

Thank you, Mom...for your unconditional love..your passion in building us the best home! Me and korkor love our newly renovated home. We're sooo proud of you, mom! You should relax more often now. You've done too much for the family... now it's our turn. I'll study hard and party hard.. lol! Love you, Mami =)

Mummy & Kor Kor at Tropicana Club

Little Chanice's Birthday Party
Me & Mummy at our new garden :) I like your new hairstyle, ma..
J-mie's favourite river she practices hopping over but tends to trip... >.< The family hall I requested..... thanks mom! Now I miss home... Day bed is MINE!



What in the world is this?! Poor UniSA.. The students are stressing you up, ey? People... could you please tell me why is my Uni grounds frothing?

Adelaide is the place to be! LoL

Call me Emo-girl. It may sound like I'm whining...but why is it that this time around that I'm here in Adelaide, my family and friends aren't replying my smses? :( *whIne*!Mommy! Chian Hoon! >.< !! Where are you?

These four walls in my room, Australia's summer HEAT... geEez... Showering helps! Only for 10 minutes of walking out from the bathroom. Then after, you'd sweat ^_^ How fun is thaT! Air-conditioner is trips the whole electricity in this apartment. What is more exciting! It's like PMS every single day!
Should I start World of Warcraft again, people?? Right... My internet is capped. -.- I'M DOOMED! I went through my pictures a thousand in my player looped for twenty times. And I'm typing this blog entry on a notepad because I don't have internet access.

Summer is grReeAatt! I'm soooooooo never gonna spend summer like this. 40 Degrees as average summer heat :) This is what I did during Summer! :) I stayed within four walls for whole 5 days! Aren't you proud of me, mom?

Beach is good. Spent my Valentine's Day at Hallett Cove.. Atleast the breeze is cool! The breeze in the city is warm sauna-like wind! Despite the sunshine, my N73 is still able to capture fantastic pictures of the sun setting. Now i wonder how sun rise would look like in my N73? Hallett Cove was my love at first sight... I don't need fancy restaurants, expensive food. This will be the best Valentine's Day. Why? Because this was what I've always wanted. Now, no one can take that away :) New benchmark! Best Valentine's Day Award!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

My Lil' Sister - Natalie Fong Jean

This is Natalie Fong Jean.. Sweet little girl she is. Looking forward for you to come here to visit me, mei.. You'll like it here.

I will always support you... Keep in mind the promise you made, that you wanted to be more than what you are! Rumors are made by multiple reasons to intentionally destroy you, do not let that get into you. As long as you must know how to draw your line... you'll be fine.

Jie is always an email or text away. I'm glad you emailed me on the very day I left. I was touched and felt like a real sister. Now, anytime at all... share with me your ups and downs k?

Natalie Fong Jean's blog is linked in this site as "gOdsis Natalie's site"

Love you, girl~ Study smart for SPM!

J-mie took over the wheels~

Hmm...why is that car tilting to the left? says J-mie
No problems I can do this. *hOnk*!
*sObs* I miss my J-mie!! She's so adorable. Baby J-mie must be a good girl and wait for mummy k.. I'll be bringing you to Aussie when you're old enough. 2 more months okay? =)
More Pics of J-mie on J-mie Day out!

Home Sweet Home

I'd rather not talk about my farewell... Here are some pictures of my closest buddies, whom were always there with me and for me, through thick and thin. These pictures were taken at my new indoor garden, on the day I was meant to leave for Adelaide. So kind of them to drop by at my place just to bid farewell... Thank you!

Meanwhile, I thank my mom, for giving us a good home. Our home now is awesome.. The design, the art and the flow of 'chi', lures me out of my room. If you noticed, I was hardly in my room ever since! Thank you so much, Mom.. for all the effort. Dad is happy too :) I'm sorry I couldn't spend Chinese New Year at home this year. I miss my home so much...
1) Me and Kitboy at my new indoor heaven.
2) Me and Haylie (kitboy's pretty girlfriend) This picture turned out preeeety sweet :) I love the background. Doesn't feel like I'm in Malaysia.
3) My beloved Daddy :) Do we look alike? He's so cute :) always try to pull a straight face. He giggled after the picture was taken! LoL... Miss you Papa~
4) The flow of 'chi' in the middle of my home.. Soothing~
5) Me and Michelle Yap. *speechless* You are the best... you know it! Be strong :) We'll catch up few years later. I love that the most. We will never miss out even when we don't communicate for years. When we meet, we fight for our turn to talk :) Sweet.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Dedication to my brother, Victor!

This video is specially dedicated to my brother, Victor... Quick run on Mambo dance steps! To all the girls out there! Wait til my bro master these steps!


Thursday, February 1, 2007

My Personal Favourites - Books

It was rather frustrating to go to a huge ass bookstore, not having a clue what book should I get... hog the autobiography section for an hour plus and walked right out empty handed. What's worse is I was soo annoyed I went home and search online for good autobios and found a few familiar ones. Those that I've read several times.

I reckon I should recommend some of my personal favourites to you and have some feedback. If better, recommend me some really good ones.

1. Falling Leaves by Adeline Yen Mah
"I admit, I'm an emotional person... this book is by far the first book I've read that made me cry. Adeline made me picture her life so precisely that I could see myself as the unwanted daughter who lived almost her whole life just to know she was loved...only by the death of her loved ones, did she know..."
"...I've read this book the 3rd time and still find it as touching as it was the first time"

2. Wild Swans by Jung Chang
3. To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee