Saturday, February 24, 2007

BEST MOMMY! No.1 Mom of the Century!

She's self-motivated, always on-the-go, sporting, lively, cheerful, smart, biz-queen, bearing queen, charismatic, and dynamic...there's so much more in her that I cannot actually put into words to describe... for those who knows Regina Tan... knows she's the best lady in town!

Thank you, Mom...for your unconditional love..your passion in building us the best home! Me and korkor love our newly renovated home. We're sooo proud of you, mom! You should relax more often now. You've done too much for the family... now it's our turn. I'll study hard and party hard.. lol! Love you, Mami =)

Mummy & Kor Kor at Tropicana Club

Little Chanice's Birthday Party
Me & Mummy at our new garden :) I like your new hairstyle, ma..
J-mie's favourite river she practices hopping over but tends to trip... >.< The family hall I requested..... thanks mom! Now I miss home... Day bed is MINE!


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