Thursday, February 15, 2007

Home Sweet Home

I'd rather not talk about my farewell... Here are some pictures of my closest buddies, whom were always there with me and for me, through thick and thin. These pictures were taken at my new indoor garden, on the day I was meant to leave for Adelaide. So kind of them to drop by at my place just to bid farewell... Thank you!

Meanwhile, I thank my mom, for giving us a good home. Our home now is awesome.. The design, the art and the flow of 'chi', lures me out of my room. If you noticed, I was hardly in my room ever since! Thank you so much, Mom.. for all the effort. Dad is happy too :) I'm sorry I couldn't spend Chinese New Year at home this year. I miss my home so much...
1) Me and Kitboy at my new indoor heaven.
2) Me and Haylie (kitboy's pretty girlfriend) This picture turned out preeeety sweet :) I love the background. Doesn't feel like I'm in Malaysia.
3) My beloved Daddy :) Do we look alike? He's so cute :) always try to pull a straight face. He giggled after the picture was taken! LoL... Miss you Papa~
4) The flow of 'chi' in the middle of my home.. Soothing~
5) Me and Michelle Yap. *speechless* You are the best... you know it! Be strong :) We'll catch up few years later. I love that the most. We will never miss out even when we don't communicate for years. When we meet, we fight for our turn to talk :) Sweet.

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Haylie said...

hie girl how are u doing there? its cny today and hopefully u have someone with u there to celebrate together ;p
ill keep reading ur blog so keep updating ya!