Thursday, February 15, 2007

My Lil' Sister - Natalie Fong Jean

This is Natalie Fong Jean.. Sweet little girl she is. Looking forward for you to come here to visit me, mei.. You'll like it here.

I will always support you... Keep in mind the promise you made, that you wanted to be more than what you are! Rumors are made by multiple reasons to intentionally destroy you, do not let that get into you. As long as you must know how to draw your line... you'll be fine.

Jie is always an email or text away. I'm glad you emailed me on the very day I left. I was touched and felt like a real sister. Now, anytime at all... share with me your ups and downs k?

Natalie Fong Jean's blog is linked in this site as "gOdsis Natalie's site"

Love you, girl~ Study smart for SPM!


John said...

hey how's it goin lingirl, just thought I drop by and say hey wassup girl :) talk to you soon. take care
PS: we can go R & B anytime. Just let me know when

bert said...

hi mui! <3 does ur lil sis know of ur kor? :p

Elaine Tan said...

haha... you can buzz her on her blog which is linked on my site lol :)