Saturday, February 24, 2007

Adelaide is the place to be! LoL

Call me Emo-girl. It may sound like I'm whining...but why is it that this time around that I'm here in Adelaide, my family and friends aren't replying my smses? :( *whIne*!Mommy! Chian Hoon! >.< !! Where are you?

These four walls in my room, Australia's summer HEAT... geEez... Showering helps! Only for 10 minutes of walking out from the bathroom. Then after, you'd sweat ^_^ How fun is thaT! Air-conditioner is trips the whole electricity in this apartment. What is more exciting! It's like PMS every single day!
Should I start World of Warcraft again, people?? Right... My internet is capped. -.- I'M DOOMED! I went through my pictures a thousand in my player looped for twenty times. And I'm typing this blog entry on a notepad because I don't have internet access.

Summer is grReeAatt! I'm soooooooo never gonna spend summer like this. 40 Degrees as average summer heat :) This is what I did during Summer! :) I stayed within four walls for whole 5 days! Aren't you proud of me, mom?

Beach is good. Spent my Valentine's Day at Hallett Cove.. Atleast the breeze is cool! The breeze in the city is warm sauna-like wind! Despite the sunshine, my N73 is still able to capture fantastic pictures of the sun setting. Now i wonder how sun rise would look like in my N73? Hallett Cove was my love at first sight... I don't need fancy restaurants, expensive food. This will be the best Valentine's Day. Why? Because this was what I've always wanted. Now, no one can take that away :) New benchmark! Best Valentine's Day Award!

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