Friday, December 22, 2006

Tragic Loss

Dear friends,

I would like to take this opportunity to share my sorrows for the loss of two wonderful footprints in my life that has left this world, for a better world up there. Both babies were given proper burial, and what's left is in our wonderful memories they've given to us. I shall pray everyday and especially during Christmas.

This is Micco.
Born: 2 February 2004
Back then I didn't have much money. Since young I don't practice taking allowances from parents, unless they voluntarily gave. Most of my savings came from 'Ang Pows', part-time jobs, being an agent, and what not.
The very moment I laid eyes on Micco, I just knew he was coming home with me. Without thinking, I withdrew all my previous savings for this little puppy. Micco came home with me on the 5th April.
Yes... he is my baby. Enough said. Those who knows Micco, knows he was in good hands.

Approximately 6 months later, Micco left this world - 24th September 2004. I thought to myself was it too short a time, or too long that I grieved? With as little as 6 months of holding Micco just about everywhere I go (and I really mean everywhere including the movies), felt like I had him for as long as I could. Or should I say, I only had him for 6 months and he's gone?!

Tragedy : One morning after shower, Micco wasn't wearing his collar (attached with 2 bells). I had him with me til the door, kissed his head, told my maid to bring him to his play room upstairs. So I left for class.
She disobeyed, put the dog behind the main door unlatched, watering the plants outside. Micco pushed his way out the unlatched main door, walked straight out the porch unnoticed, a car went by...

In the hospital : When I saw him in the hospital he didn't look too bad. Not until the doctor showed me the X-Ray, I couldn't breathe. Physically he had no wounds, but internally, his bones were shattered. I tapped close to his eyes, he did not blink. The veterinarian pumping air into Mic's lungs, nurse injecting painkiller every 10 minutes or so. Doctor asked me to talk to him.
I called out gently, "Micco...mummy is here baby...Micco...".
He woke up... I tapped his nose and he blinked. But it was too painful to see him injected almost every minute. He couldn't cry. It was painful.

Tragic Loss : Doctor's advice was to let him sleep peacefully... I don't want to say more.


This is Missy. Present to me as my birthday gift last year, 21st December 2005 by my darling - Dil.

Missy is a tame Cockatail. She's very friendly and requires a lot of attention. She loves mirrors and often talks to her own reflection. At times strutts her stuff (not knowingly) to herself.

Every dawn, she'd sing until she gets her attention. Makes sure I'm awake on the right time of the day. Missy would go shopping with me in One Utama, standing gracefully on my shoulder. She's a head turner. No one seems to be looking at me! Her wings were trimmed for safety and landing purpose. Since she is a domestic breed, she is not trained to be in the wild. All my pets at home are friends of one another. Even my cat does not harm Missy.

Tragedy : I have a tendency of bringing my beloved animals out wherever I go. One fine day, Missy was out with me to a mamak. While walking towards the mamak, one man turned on the grasscutter machine which frightened Missy. She flew helplessly towards a nearby house and little did she know, it was a dog breeder's home. Where she landed... was a kennel to 5 dogs. There was nothing I could do but called out the owner of the house frantically.
What happened was so sudden that I did not know how to react. The owner retrieved Missy laying motionless on his palm.
A hole punctured right to her lungs. She wasn't breathing.


George said...

This post is like ages ago. But I cant help commenting on it anyway.

First of all, I'm sorry bout what happened to your babies. Micco is such a sweetheart. Prolly thats the reason why you sort of had "miccobayb" as your call name. Guess what? He was born on the same date as me.

It hurts to read this post. I hope all is well for you! Cheers! Keep writing! Good blog! =)

MiccObaYb said...

Hey George, my apologies for taking so long to reply to your comment. I haven't been blogging much lately but I will now find time to do so.

Yes, you are right about my name miccobayb or micco elaine. It has become not only my virtual name but ppl recognize me in real life as micco now too.

I'm assuming you like puppies? What brought you to this far in my blog? Is there a certain link?

I am well, thank you George.

George said...

Hey. Its alright. Dont bother. I havent been blogging and blog hopping anyway. =)

Micco it is. I'll call you Micco.

Yup. I love pups. In fact, I love dogs in general. Speaking of which, I have 5 of them. The much pampered one would be little Muffin. I think I've posted photos of that little boy somewhere in my blog.

Well, I was googling photos of the Honda Integra when I came across a set of photos posted by you which led me to your blog. Out of curiosity and boredom, I started randomly clicking on your blogposts and here I am.

Good to hear that. You take care. Till then, have an awesome 2011. =)