Sunday, December 17, 2006

A gift to myself

~I'm...dreaming of a whi...te Christmas~~~
Sorry folks! I kicked start my Christmas this year in advance with a gift to myself...
I've always had my eyes on Siberian Huskies. I always thought I had a lot of experience in caring for puppies and knew enough about puppies...But this lil sweetheart is unlike others. She's independent, not needy at all, extremely cool, moody, and again cool! What I mean by cool is that, she doesn't react to other pets, really doesn't show the need to be pampered, infact, she gives you this don't-bother-me-I'm-in-my-own-world attitude which I think is "cool". Well... good and bad news for me. It made me wonder for 3 days.

Silly... Did you even bother to check on WOLVES for a sec there? -.-
Right... This baby is a wolf and half a dog. Don't know how that happened. I think the species 'wolf' itself portrays a symbol of 'coolness'? Does it not?

Honestly, I haven't heard my puppy bark. All she does is sleep, bite, stare(maybe she's not staring... you can't tell from far! >.<), ignores, get's hungry, gets moody when it's warm, doesn't like beds =/ prefer marble floors, and definitely in her own world. A tough one... I'm doomed. HOWEVER, I'm proud of my Lil' J-Mie... although my dream is yet to be true! Not until Lil' J-Mie is a big girl, she'd be my on-ground *Saphira.
*From the movie - Eragon.

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