Friday, September 7, 2007

Away to the countryside for more Moon & star gazing


:) With more on galaxy photos.

Reporting from Birdwood:

  • I FIRED A SHOTGUN and AIR RIFLE! Cool! (will have pics!)
  • There is NO MOON! zzz Not until week after.
  • I saw a cluster of stars but that's about it. Can't identify. Will find out.
  • The stars out here is.... magnificent!
  • Took great shots of the farm life too!
  • Mummy! If you're reading this, you gotta make it come true! Buy a farm! Malaysia is a little hot. Come Adelaide for retirement. When I make enough money, I'll buy one for you! Love ya!

1 comment:

Kenny Ng said...

Can the telescope zoom until all the rock concerts in this world? :P