Thursday, September 20, 2007

Surface of the Moon

Evening Moon

Surface of our Moon

54% of Full - Waxing Gibbous

:) I'm a happy girl!! Full moon on the 27th! Can't wait!


LiewCF said...

you took the pic of the moon?!

MiccObaYb said...

liewcf: Yup :) I took it right before I post it :) With my telescope arr!

Kenny Ng said...

my face surface worst than the moon... LOL

TechBlogy said...

Haha, you are the one hunting for anak bulan and announce raya day?

I also took few moon pictures before, but with my 10X optical zoom digital cam. Not as good as your one lah :)

MiccObaYb said...

kenny: I have seen you before Kenny. Don't be so mean to yourself k! It hurts :(

techblogy: Cool! hehe I'm excited coz I just bought my telescope :) Will check on your blog if you have the moon pics posted!

beto said...

look, new post!

so, did the t-shirt end up good?

beto it's my nickname, it's a short for... well, my name.

no, i don't think i was looking for Kim Ah Joong. i really can't remember. i have a terrible memory. i write in my hands so i don't forget things.

you didn't say what you study. is it astronomy? you look like you live in the stars, like in some sort of fairy tale...

and miccobayb? it's a nickname?

MiccObaYb said...

beto: T-shirt is still not ready yet and I need it by 12pm today! Will be going down to town in 2 hours to collect it.

What's your name? My Uni major is Marketing. Sub-major Japanese. Don't ask me why :P I have a thing for languages that are good for future business opportunities. Breaking the communication barriers. Spanish will be my next approach! :P

"miccobayb" can be pronounced as miccobaY-b or miccobayb as in babe. The name micco came from my first maltese puppy who had a tragic accident outside my house at 6 months of age when I wasn't at home. For more info, go through my archives...or LABEL on Animals. You'll come across Micco :)

Astronomy is just something I've always liked since young but being young I'm always keeping myself busy with many other things..and Malaysia is not exactly a good place to view stars because of "noise" like haze. I don't really have a lot of friends here in Australia..thus I have the time for hobbies as such :)

beto said...

how is it possible you don't have a lot of friends? you are so friendly and sweet. and you don't seem very shy too, so i don't think it's because of that. i imagined that when you live your house, hundreds of people keep asking to take pictures with you. i would :)

how long have you been living in australia?

how many languages do you speak? i think japanese must be hard, isn't? i speak a little spanish. pero no mucho, porque no hablo com frecuencia. :)

sorry for your puppy. i see that you really love animals, so that must have been hard for you. i like dogs too, and cats. cats make me feel more calm. (even the free ones).

you're still young, and you still look busy. astronomy crafts, games, pictures, blogging, studying. you're probably the queen of the busy world.

and my name is alberto.

MiccObaYb said...

beto: I have friends. Just that when I say friends I usually meant friends whom I hang out with. Not just hi-bye friends. Besides, I hardly go out in Australia. My network in Malaysia is huge though.

I've been going in and out of Australia and Malaysia for 5 years. Alternate years in each country. Why? Unsure of what I want to do.

Languages? When I was born, my first language according to my parents is Hokkien (one of chinese dialect). Kindergarten I started speaking Cantonese and dropped Hokkien completely. Primary school was a chinese school. I spoke Chinese and English then. High school was English and Malay. Currently? English, Chinese, Cantonese, Malay, Hokkien, Hakka, Japanese, and soon Spanish. In that order too.

I don't think I'm the queen of busy world. I think my Mom is. :)

beto said...

why don't you go out more? what's fun to do in australia? i've never been there. beautiful beaches, right?

you already do a lot of things, so you shouldn't worry about deciding what to do in the future. you will probably find the answer naturally. in my opinion, maybe become a singer-model-musician-marketing-astronomer. maybe a secret agent too, but that would be a secret, obviously.

seven languages is a lot! you're like a united nations representative.

i think i should do something to retribute your kindness in letting me stay in your blog. this week, let me do the dishes.

MiccObaYb said...

I found the love of my astronomy life. Stellarium. My guide to the outside world.
I feel pathetically small. Milky way is our galaxy. It's big..with planets and zillions of stars. Out of our galaxy...there are millions of other galaxies. How the hell do we know if there are any one OUT OF the milky way? It takes god knows how many years for one to travel by spaceship. By then we're dead.

Sorry about this. I'm lost all of a sudden. I shall think of things you can do while you stay in my virtual home.

beto said...


i agree. an almost infinite universe. infinite it's such a big concept. it's like the universe is all made of numbers we don't know yet, and will never be able to know, because life is too short to count them all.

and we are like infinite universes too. every one of us made of infinite small particules, so many that we will never know what we really are made of. the things that makes us who we are.

life is definitely too short.

now, back to the dishes.