Sunday, September 9, 2007

Farm Life

Air Rifle & Shotgun

Shooting a gun was one of my "future plan" and I finally did it under the supervision of Scout and Andrew who both have full firearm license. Air rifle was really quiet considering most people who have not much clue about guns will assume guns without silencer are usually loud.
The shotgun however... *shOck*! Ears buzzed, adrenaline rushed and pride (because I got the target!) The can was absolutely smashed! I was also told that there will be a strong kick back. It actually sorta cured my sore shoulder.

Andrew & Kylie's hobby farm

A farm 30 minutes away from town. Cows, chickens, birds, dogs, cats, lambs, horses, sheep, alpacas, and a variety of poo all over the 20 acre meadow. A mountain-like backyard that overlooks Birdwood.
2 storey high bonfire.

Do you prefer city life or farm life?

MiccObaYb's Amateur Stargazing

I did my small research on what and how to look for planets and galaxies in the milky way. So far, I saw Planet Venus at 5.30am and apparently the picture I posted recently is planet Jupiter. Didn't bring my camera out when I saw Venus...but I will see Venus again, so stay tuned.
I am not as skillful, and yet to know how to use the telescope, pictures do not turn out as sophisticated. Just being able to see clusters of stars that you can't see with naked eye is absolutely fulfilling.

I have decided to learn more about Astrophotography.
Here are some absolutely amazing astrophotography taken by Humayun Qureshi.


Kenny Ng said...

Wah... guns! Can shoot to Dubai? U can use the telescope to view Dubai also ma... haha

MiccObaYb said...

Kenny: :P Even if the world is flat I won't be able to see ler! lolz. What are you doing in Dubai?

Anthony said...

I see your telescope! very nice. The one I have I leave out for show, but is very heavy due to it size.

Guns are not for girls, they are dangerous! :) hehe Becareful with that thing. If you ever get a chance to, try a M4 they are run assault rifles.

MiccObaYb said...

anthony: :) I assume your telescope is a reflector? What show? Eeek! Jealous. :(

Guns are for girls. Don't even deny it looks good on girls :P I'm safe with a gun. Will try M4 if my friend has it!