Thursday, July 5, 2007

Celebrating Malaysia Blogger's Day! Official Date: 14th JULY

I officially announced the 14th July as Malaysian Blogger's Day!

I'm coming back all the way from Australia and I'm organising a Blogger's Night Out to meet all of you bloggers on this very special day! Everyone is invited!! Non bloggers too! Special invitations to top bloggers of Malaysia will be sent as soon as I touch down in Malaysia! I'm soo happy!

Would you please leave a comment with your name and link? It'll be good if I have an approximate list of confirmed attendees. All the names on this list will have to be there! LOL!

Special guests of the evening:I love to organise parties and love social gatherings. This will be great!socialising virtually and in reality, which do you prefer?I think that's for now..still planning for more activities since now I have more sponsors! Maybe have top bloggers talk about their success :)
  • Hypertune Models & Crew!

  • Malaysian Bloggers!
Merchandise and magazines will be available too!

I don't see why you need more reasons to join us...because:
  • I'll be bringing my Nintendo Wii (for those who has Wii please do save your Miis in the remote and bring it along!

  • Friendster Cafe is a WiFi HotSpot! Bring your laptops and blog if you may!
  • I'll be bringing my Nintendo DS if anyone wants to hook up with my Nintendo DS for a game of Super Mario
  • got more...wait k! I'll update soon after speaking to sponsors about *whisper* "free drinks!"

Nuff sed?

VENUE : Friendster Cafe [Damansara Perdana]
LG01 & 01A, Plaza Emerald
Jalan PJU 8/3A, Damansara Perdana.
47820 Petaling Jaya. Selangor Darul Ehsan

Smaller Map (Click to Enlarge)

Bigger Map (Click to Enlarge)

DATE : 14th July!
TIME: 8PM 'til late! (psst! there's an after party too!)

THEME: Cancelled

FEMALES (What happened to all the female bloggers?! LoL!)

  1. Elaine Tan - miccobayb
  2. Natalie Fong Jean - budderflyx (Thank you, Love!)
  3. Chian Hoon [hot non-blogger]
  4. Zee Zee - Zynamic Gala
  5. Michelle Yap [hot non-blogger]
  6. Cheryl [hot non-blogger]
  7. kinkyjasmine - Link
  8. Angel Valerie - Link
  9. Alice Stephanie - DejaVu World
  10. Princess Shin - Link
  11. Deng - Link
  12. Jean Chia - Link
  13. Cherrie - aprilcherrie
  14. hweeching - Link
  15. Jane - PrincessLadyJane
  16. Jen - jennihsurf
  17. Sue - Link
  18. Sylvia - Link
  19. Stephanie - Link
  20. Cheryl - Link

Do I include Models in this list? Nope...they are "special guests" with Hypertune!


  1. Tim - reverendtimothy
  2. Victor Tan - The Whisky Club (and the girls featured in The Whisky Club!)
  3. Daniel Franklins - Gallivanter
  4. Johnson Teoh - johnsonteoh
  5. Adrian Wee - hamster
  6. Vanilla Sky
  7. FengY
  8. Jerry Ong
  9. Kenny Ng - kenny-ng (Planning to have a gig, *smiLe*)
  10. CKYeo - Sky Keep You
  11. Alex [charming non-blogger]
  12. XetaJones - Link
  13. Rauff - Link
  14. Jerry Ong - Link
  15. Cedric Ang - Link
  16. Jerry Ong - Link
  17. James Chiew - Link
  18. Jing & Simon Peter- Link
  19. KY - Link
  20. bongkerz - Link
  21. Thomas Yap - Link
  22. Melvin Foong - Link
  23. Aaron - Axial
  24. Xbrian - Link
  25. ShawnKid - Link
  26. Budiey - Link
  27. WetWetWater - SapSapSui
  28. David - Our Magician
  29. Khairul - Link
  30. Aiman - Link
  31. smashpOp - Link
  32. Frankie - Link (I'm sure coming down to KL for a weekend is not a bad idea!)
  33. NKtheWoofer - Link
  34. Louis Lim - Link
  35. Zewt - As Zewt as it gets
  36. Yatz - jenkinyat
  37. John Wong - [very hot non-blogger] lol! that good enough?
  38. Chuan - Link
  39. Junn - Link
  40. KA® - Link
  41. Tim Danker - Link
  42. Nick Tay - Link (and HAWT friend)
  43. Eyan - NEED YOUR LINK PLS! :)
  44. Desmond - Link (and friends)
  45. Brave Maverick - Link
  46. Alvin - Link
  47. Noorizam Shah - Link
  48. Mr. Andrew Boey - Link (and Wife!)
  49. Benson - Link (and friend)
  50. Mikemmery - Link (Voluntary Sponsor)

Guys and Girls, Please help with advertising Malaysian Blogger's Day for the first time! Blog it too and invite your readers! Thanks for the Diggs too!

Main Sponsor :

Venue Sponsor : Friendster Cafe

Special Guest : Hypertune


Rauff said...

Wey~! Keep me posted...I wanna goooo~!!!! Can ka can ka~??

Darcius said...

BAH i dont have the money to travel.. or the passport lol travel worldwide is on my long list of grand evil things to do before someone kills me HAHA..

but hope your evening is great ^^ i would go if i could.. just to bug ya micco ^^ <3 ^^

xetajones said...

can i join can i join?? haha

jasmine said...

there's a friendster cafe? haha.. thats cute.

Kenny Ng said...

Wah... I also invited? Thank you wor... update me the date oh.

Gallivanter said...

No problemo. We'll sort out the official date soon. :-) Does this place sell spiritual drinks?

MiccObaYb said...

Those who want in please leave your name and link.

Few ways:
1. Leave a comment with your name and website for me to link you


2. Email Me :


3. Use the Chatterbox!

MiccObaYb said...

LoL Yes...Friendster is a restaurant cum pub.

Jerry Ong said...

If no flood, no earthquake, no tusnami...... Jerry in :P

Thanks for the invite Elaine~

btw, Friendster Cafe & restaurant not a pub :P

Jerry Ong

jAmEs said...

hu ha.... nice event... no commitment as yet... but will try to drop by for this event....

hopefully this would be a grand event too/

JiNG said...

WWAh... Can un-famous blogger join??? hehe

MiccObaYb said...

Jerry: okay! I was thinking whether it's the correct word to use because they serve liquor. :P

James: great! See you there!

Jing: I repeat, bloggers and non bloggers even your family can drop by and say hello. Hehe! You're in :)

To all, please help with spreading the word! Thanks!

KY said...

I wonder if we can leave testimonies and send private messages at friendster cafe. :/

bongkersz said...

i want to go see leng luis like this.. :D

MiccObaYb said...

Hi guys and girls,I haven't updated my list because I can't edit with my blackberry. Lost my internet. Current list exceeds 30 please join in and leave a comment and I'll update the list!

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

You're looking for ppl to join the organizing committee or participants?

Ok, obviously you're looking for both..

I just finished organizing an event in campus and my hands are itching for more events to organize!!

I wanna help.. but very busy this semester.. But then let me know if you need any help la, I'll see what I can do.. Bands for performance, press, whatever...

JennyHow said...

wow, looks and sounds fun. Have a great gathering everyone!

Rauff said...

Waaahh....the list is growing~! But must wear a theme meh?? Damn...starting with H summore ka? HMmmmm...Hannibal can or not? I should have a restraining mask sum where.

yapthomas said...

leaves comment...

jianbing said...

organise one in Brisbane please.. XD

MiccObaYb said...

I would love to organize one in australia. However the network I have in australia is limited..
The list of names confirmed is now up to approximately 50. Hoping everone would turn up :) I'm getting excited!
Me, tim and my friends are most definitely dressing up. Malaysians need to be more sporting! Btw, I'll be bringing my nintendo wii for games!

Ckyeo said...

Later lim peh help u plomote!!

Ckyeo said...

later lim peh help you plomote!!!

Wingz said...


JiNG said...

dress up means cosplay?? walau eh .. like that very stress le.. need to korek my brain d.. but .. actually i plan to wear t shirt go only.. wuahahha...

-Princess Shin- said...

Interesting!!! Somemore so near my house. Hmm.. Will think about it!

melvin foong said...

Im coming
Melvin Foong

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

Deng is a girl! Deng is a girl!!!!

Anyway, wondering if you received my email. Cuz my email has been a bit crazy lately. No one receives anything from me.

Michael Song said...

Hi homosapiens, I am in next week... in btw, while mico is on her Wii & DS, I will b with my PSP... and 80GB worth of games... my nick Mikemmery,

frostier said...

I was informed by Linpeh to tackle you wor. How?
can or cannot? derno why also.

Jayce Ooi said...

Too far me la. I am from Sungai Petani. Can anyone organize one in northern area ah? Like Penang... ;)

Michael Song said...

My blog updated on this event. Hope it creates a big buzz...

xBrain said...

wow, nearby my condo..sure i'll be in !! i want to blog about it check out

Aaron Chua said...

Elaine, my link is
I'm Aaron@AxiaL lah~

yapthomas said...

whoa.. Nuffnang just finished being a lead sponsor in Penang.
Now Advertlets in KL..
Intense intense..!!

clement said...

interesting, and i wish to go, but i am non-kl based la

MiccObaYb said...

Mikemmery: Thanks for the post! See you there!

Frostier: lol...I also dunno.. you can ask linpeh for me too.

Jayce: If I remember correctly I think they had a party juuuust recently.

Misya: Thanks! Just one problem... I tried going to your linked website and it loaded up tons of IEs. Pls check or else I'll have to delete your link.

Xbrian : I've already updated the list :)

yapthomas: Yea...this party was meant to a small time party. I didn't expect it to be huge! Not until I have sponsors' support!! I'm excited!

To all, this party is meant for us to have a day of virtual socialising in RL! Enjoy ourselves...and will look forward to a bigger party next year after the help of good media publicity!

Jean Chia said...

hi, i am interested like to go but can i confirm later, says 3 days before that?

wEtwEtwAtEr said...

Hey Elaine!

Hmm... looks like an interesting event. Anyway, am registering myself 1st before anything. Who are the ppl from Hypertune who's gonna be there? Murali? Hahaha..

Anyway I'm at

C ya on that day!

MiccObaYb said...

Jean : No worries! I'm just actually gonna put your name in for now because I somehow know you'll turn up :)

WetWetWater: Murali is my special guest. He will definitely be there. The Crew, Kumaren and Victor will be there too! Haha..but ofcourse we have already invited the models. It all depends on their work schedule!

khairul said...

wahh..this gonna be some happening gathering for blogger..
Damansara Perdana..not far lah from here at kepong..

anyway..gonna blog about this at my blogs :

David said...

Hie, I'm IN.=)

Aiman said...

Is it possible for me to come? I'm quite low profile and only 18 years old =)

hweeching said...

Oooh, sounds fun. :)

David Lai said...

My link:

Josh has asked me to perform on that day...I'll see how it goes k?=),hope to cu soon.

smashpOp said...

please add me and cherrie from in.

c u there :D

Frankie said...

ARGHH in west msia. the east msia bloggers cant join then...
its a really good event... good job..i'll help to promote it soon :)

nice header, the ibanez rocks!

NK the wOOfer said...

Will go to show support...

David said...

My link is

LOUI$$ said...

I'm free, can I join too? :)

JiNG said...

im jing here.. put in my fren's name, his name is Simon Peter. Gonna come with me. thanks ya

zewt said...

what about me?

princessladyjane said...

can i come too? im not sure whether i'll be in kl that time.. but if im in kl, can i drop by?? Jane here.. living upstairs in adelaide with u... hehe...

jen said...

im kambing! :)

MiccObaYb said...

Khairul: thanks for the publicity!

David: Will look forward to your show! Thank you for voluteering!

Aiman: everyone is equal. :)

hweeching: it sure is fun! I've been playing my Wii and it's awesome.

smashpop: glad to have you and applecherrie with us! see you soon!

Frankie: planning a weekend to KL isn't that bad an idea now, is it? :) (there's an afterparty too!)

NKthewoofer: Yay!!

Louiss: Sure you can!

Simon Peter: thanks for coming along!

Zewt: don't feel left out k... :P you're in the list edi!

Jane: Come back from Adelaide asap!! Alex will be coming too!

Jen: Nice to know there are more girl bloggers coming! I'm excited!

Yatz said...

put me in the list as well

Yatz -

i'm bringing my gf, Josephine as well, non-blogger..

eh..wetwetwater and jennihsurf and smashpop so fast register dy..

chuan said...

i also want to join malaysia blogger day
my blog is

Junn said...

I'm kambing wit pop n jen

hikaru said...

hmm..i want come can?..
i'll be coming with smashpop, abang pop* []

KA® said...

i'll be there too ... see you guys ...

NickTay said...

see u there :)

td said...

count me in

Tim Danker

oh and im bringing a hawt friend =)

Eyan said...

cool! count me in!

hatchbackcrew said...

haha..thx for the comment at our blog. Small fry only.. How to know which one is you?

MiccObaYb said...

Thank you all! See you there!

Eyan: May I have your blog link if you have any? Thank you!

Hatchbackcrew: hmm...what do you mean? I don't know which blog comment I made coz I can't find the link to your webby!

hatchbackcrew said...

Its a group blog. However, only I will be there with another friend. I'm Desmond by the way.

frostier said...

the reason was simple. Wanted me to con us so u become linpeh's piao mei....


Rauff said...

I am bring a fellow blogger....Brave Maverick

@lViN said...

I'll be joining. I'm staying in that vicinity and is 5 minutes walk. wakakaka...

Noorizam Shah said...

i will come!!

sue said...

hey!!i am really interested to join u guys!!! it is ok?? keep me posted can??? hope to join u guys!!


my blog:

andrew said...

Mr.Andrew Boey and wife , Michelle

Benson said...

i coming wth a fren...
any invitation card needed?

Stephanie said...

I'll be comin' yea :)


and another friend too :

Sylvia -

Thanks and see you there :)

s!mple cheryl said...

hey i'll be making it tonight.

this is my web site:

Michael Song said...

geezz.... im not in the link... tat is funny...
anyway, another bump here...

in case u forgotten, we met on wednesday to finalize the thing wif josh...

JiNG said...

simon peter my fren is -

and another gal will turn up tonite will be rose -

see ya tonite