Thursday, July 19, 2007

"Famous blogger says JUMP! You ask HOW HIGH??? *wags tail*"


All sorts of random questions and finding faults in others seem to interest many bloggers. I am a very calm person but picking on others' faults really tickled me. All in all, the event was a great success. If you have grudge against Sponsors... Dude and dudettes, they sponsored CASH. I would like friends who attend my party to have Canapé and Juices served FOC. That's MY kind of party. Pick on that, why don't you?

I can hardly remember.

"What has hot chicks got to do with bloggers?"

Answer to that - We are humans.

"What is a real Malaysian Blogger?"

I think Josh meant "real" as in real life/in person as to just meeting them online.

"Malaysian Blogger's Day makes us Malaysian lame"

How so? Father's Day in Australia and Father's Day in Malaysia is on different days =/. So if I took out Malaysia in the context, it's okay? if Blogger's Day is lame, therefore it makes blogger's feel lame; THEN Father's Day is lame, thus DON'T CELEBRATE IT so your father won't feel lame. -.- How sickening. Didn't know that. Sorry Dad!


Who do we think we are? I don't think there is a need for that and there is no point to making a big fuss because I claimed it as a Blogger's Day. Don't you think it's a little too harmless to make a big fuss over it? Besides, the event is over and it was great. I'm disappointed by just people who pick on little harmless event and make it sound as though it was an illegal gathering. The event is over and bloggers met bloggers. Any other details, why pick on it? Sigh..

Nothing to blog about? Tell you what, I tried looking back on the overall event organising and found some "FAULTS" that you bloggers can start picking on:

  • "What has NINTENDO got to do with Bloggers?"
  • "What has Friendster got to do with Bloggers?"
  • "Why is the Poster so colouful?"
  • "Why weren't we blogging on blogger's day?"
  • "We should start a non-blogger's day!"
  • "I'm so bored I need to pick on you"
  • "Poster says Blogger's Day, why celebrate at night?"
  • "Someone died on Blogger's Day"
  • "I miss Tun Mahathir"
  • "Thank you for suggesting blog topics"
  • "Hai!! Teh arez an Internazional Bloggerz Dayz!" [inspired by ICANHASCHEEZBURGER]
lol! C'mon bloggers!! Fire away! Wag your tail for them! I can be lame too, but thanks for the links and traffic. Internet trolls don't offend me.

FYI, let me introduce you to BLOGDAY


Gallivanter said...

Well Elaine, whatever it is, you've done a great job. Let them internet trolls feed on this whoever they may be.

Blog meets are nothing but having a good time to expand social contacts.

There will always be anal people nitpicking the event - human behavior unfortunately.

Anyway, looking forward to hooking up with you and Tim @ the BLOGGER BOOZE, hopefully I "remember" you when you get there. LOL

MiccObaYb said...

gallivanter: hey dan, I'll be there by hook or by crook lol! Let's hope Hartamas walk has Tooheys New! I miss Tooheys. :(

Michael Song said...

elaine... it is ok, the best way is to IGNOREZ... we malaysian got a more important responsibility to do... do check out my site, update something juicy... and our real RIGHTS... oh ya, i will b there too at the blogger booze if nothing important turns up...

UnkaLeong said...

Haiz...mui2, there is no pleasing everybody. It takes all sortsa ppl to make the world, trolls included;) and from the looks of it, everyone had a great time. Don't let it get to you...You did a great job organizing the event itself, it started out as a small bash if I remember correctly and you managed to turn it into a big event!

Kudos to you kiddo!

MiccObaYb said...

Hi Mike and Kor2,

lol I kinda like the term trolls. I hate to be feeding them but I'm generous. TBH, I didn't even know the word trolls until just recently when Tim explained it to me by just referring. lol.

Besides, I know it's a great turn out. I'm glad most of them were happy coz they didn't need to pay for anything.

Will see you guys in Blogger Booze!!

Anonymous said...

"What has hot chicks got to do with bloggers?" Answer to that - We are humans.

Wow, self proclaimed hot chick ! Amen to that.