Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Byul - Kim Ah Joong (MiccO singing)

This I sing for my brother, to the birthday girl, Joanne.

Victor: Did you see my recent post? Did you see the video?
Elaine: Ermm...not yet. Why?
Victor: It's a good song.
Elaine: Okie! Wait ya.
Victor: Why don't you sing it?
Elaine: But the English version a bit too mooshy ler.. I don't know what the Korean one means but I definitely prefer the Korean one.
Victor: Hmm..the Korean one damn hard ler!
Elaine: Ya! That's why ma... lol!
Victor: Up to you la!

Kor, I did it!!!!! This is for you... I love you! I cried when I hear the English version because I can read between the lines. This song is for you, because you like Kim Ah Joong, and also because you like my singing.
P/S: The file is not synchronized properly because the recording is done by webcam -.-".

The original piece sung by Kim Ah Joong is HERE.


LcF said...

i am surprised. didn't know you are a good singer too! oh, i love that song too~ :)

UnkaLeong said...

Checked it out as soon as I got your SMS ;) Ever considered turning professional?

MiccObaYb said...

LiewCF: Let me quote "didn't know you're a good singer TOO! oh, I love that song TOO"! May I suggest the other person is you?! :P haha! Great! When I'm in JB or you're in KL, we shall sing!!!

unkaleong: Does singing part time as wedding and events consider? Or did you mean things like contests and what not? LoL.. almost did, but I don't think I'm that sort :) I will sing for your wedding, though..if you'd like :)

wanli said...

i love the song tooo! well if you have any sources for the english version, dont mind to share with? :)

p/s: you sing well tho.

MiccObaYb said...

wanli: English version is made by a Singaporean guy...not sung by any celebrity singer. Click on my BROTHER's link...Actually, OPEN IN NEW WINDOW Here!

tenshi-jin said...

.. areumdawunyo nice singing voice

I remember that song from the movie its quite sad..
this song always reminds me of this song -

actually .. this gives me an idea for a blog XD, my top ten korean songs :p... gotta figgure out how to do the vote thing.

again, nice singing

Gallivanter said...

Very pleasant to the ears...nice one. :-) Let's go to Karaoke someday...hear my frog voice.. :-P

MiccObaYb said...

gallivanter: Hey hey now, I don't believe you croak! lolz I can't wait to come back but I'm not sure now if I'm back this December. I might have to take summer course. I'll definitely come back for CNY though, unless my exam falls on that week =/.

LcF said...

er... no, sorry. I don't sing. but, yes, I love that song TOOO! ;)

UnkaLeong said...

Hahaha...You can take my place on stage ;) Coz, like Gallivanter...I have a frog voice too =p

jimmychin said...


Anthony said...

wow, great voice, keep it up.

Anthony said...

wow great voice. love to hear more.