Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sun, earth and moon to line up in total eclipse LIVE!

Blood Moon [Lunar Eclipse]

Blood Moon is also known as Lunar Eclipse. This picture you see is taken from some website. However, this is the moon I see.... right now. Will only last me for few minutes and I'll have to wait for the next...

At exactly 8.37pm (AEST) the Sun, Earth and Moon will be in total alignment, scattering light as it passes through the Earth's atmosphere and bounces off the moon in hues of bronze and red.

Video description of
Blood Moon

Total Eclipse all over the world [2007]:
  • The next total lunar eclipse occurs Feb. 21, 2008, and will be visible from the Americas, Europe and Asia.

This is what I see.... Taken half an hour ago!
Photographer: reverendtimothy


Deng, the very eveel genius said...

Damn potong man..

The skies in PJ have been cloudy. Can't see nuts..

MiccObaYb said...

Deng: I don't think it's the same time as Malaysia. When is the Lunar eclipse in Malaysia?