Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Condolence to the demise of my beloved Ye Ye

Dear Ye Ye,

"I was there with you last night... did you hear my prayers? Thank you for the family you've given to me...You will always be in our hearts. Tan family has now grown into 4 generations. You must be smiling from up above, watching all of us grow as you guide us."

"I have only one request. You hear my prayers. Daddy has given to me all in life that a girl could ask for. Hear daddy's prayers, Ye Ye...he may be tough on the surface... but Daddy is heartbroken inside. I'm not sure if anyone else in the family saw that. Most importantly, Ye Ye can understand."

"I still remember the last time I was here in Singapore, to visit you and Ah Ma. Lynette was with me. I spoke to Lynette yesterday and she told me Ah Ma still walks to your room to look for you in the middle of the night. Dont worry... Ah Ma is well taken care of... Talk to her heart to keep her from loneliness while Wu Shu and family stay by her side accompanying her."

"Bless our family, our business and our future. We will make you proud, Ye Ye."

"I will make you proud..."

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