Monday, March 26, 2007

Adelaide [March]

Howdy ^^! Finally! Time to update my life. Feels like I've lost a month worth of news from Malaysia. Everyone is missing in action..including my parentS. Where has everyone gone? I miss everybody...
OMG....I can't believe it. I brought my USB without saving the files from my freakin desktop !!! And for a second there I was so proud of myself for bringing my USB. -.-" I totally forgotten about the fact that I neeeeeeeded to save files from my laptop at home. Mistake repeated twice. Wow...what has Uni done to me?

I guess I'm down to these. My friends, you wanted to know about Adelaide?

Glenelg. A beach at the end of Adelaide's ONLY tram line. =) Take this tram from the city - Victoria Square...fall asleep in the tram and someone will wake you up at the end of the line. If not..back to Victoria Square again! =) Glenelg is One of the few famous tourist places. Glenelg is also known as a "fashion beach" quoted by reverendtimothy. People go to the beach to sunbath, surf, and what not... this beach is slightly different though. Picture this.

*Wendy called and asked if we wanted to go to the beach*

reverendtimothy : Hey baby let's go to the beach!

miccobayb : Okay! *eXcited* (Puts on baby-T, shorts, packs Volleyball)

reverendtimothy : -.-" I'm gonna change. We're going to Glenelg. (Puts on pants and best T-shirt)

miccobayb : O.O? *eVen more eXcited!* (Puts on bikini). Okay! Let's go!

reverendtimothy : Now I have to change again...I wanna look good too~ *Stares at waredrobe and does nothing*.

miccobayb : What's wrong?

reverendtimothy : *pOuts* Let's go...

This is Glenelg. Be sure to look good! ^^!

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