Friday, March 30, 2007

Elaine's Interview at ShinTokyo (Should haves)

Weather : Cold. Don't know how cold.. Just cold.
Current status : I'm so tired. It's not like I did anything really active today...maybe I'm mentally exhausted from being all enthusiastic about the job interview. Right. The job interview was fine..I guess. They asked me from my previous experiences what skills do I have that will help myself in Shin Tokyo. Sheesh...I don't know how to brag! I just said.." I've done many random promotional jobs on mall concourses for new product launches. Basically approaching customers, introducing promotion benefits...then understand customer's interest...penetrate beyond their expectations! LoL!"

Ya... like that came out right.. I just said, "I've done many promotional jobs that requires us to approach customers, introduce promotions and benefits to interest customers in purchasing what would be suitable for them I.M.O. Sincerely."

William the interviewer : "What kind of promotions? What tasks?"
Err...I thought my answer before was exactly that... :( *cry*
Elaine : "I worked with so many different companies as being a promoter myself as well as marketing or initiating promotions for their benefits...I'll roughly summarize this. I personally did promoting for Samsung at an exhibition, Neutrogena as beauty consultant, *stuck*.

(Right now I wanna kill myself coz I would have said...) I also proposed promotions and marketing ideas for my clients, such as 'Nail Basics'. Providing them a layout of who their target audience are(demographics), location, time, models, and what not. *argh* didn't say that. I think that is the freaking SKILL they are asking for. I can't believe myself. In my head, I was just costantly reminding myself not to sound too I kept my business experiences low.

ZzzzzzzZ. I went so low profile, I think I kinda lost my profile somewhere by brainwashing myself and bringing myself down. Don't laugh at me :( it's my very 1st encounter! *boohoo!*

Question is... "Are we suppose to be 'Bragging'? " Grrrrr! I was afraid I get sidetracked..coz it's an interview. I can only talk about what I can do if I'm talking to a client. Ooh baby is gonna slaughter me for not talking about my business! *eek!* I can feel it coming when I tell him this.
I was afraid to ask how much is the salary....... Haahahahahaha! William from Shin Tokyo will spread the news on Monday!

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