Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Exotic Pet! Redback @ Black Widow

This is my new pet :) She's a well fed Redback... look at her huge bum! LoL... One day, I told Edward about our new exotic pet.

Tale :
We showed pictures of our new pet - redback to Eddy. Minutes later, he poked me and whispered to my ear, "We shall take that icky spider away, and squish it!!". I didn't know how to react to that. *Looks left and right thinking of what to say*
Little did he know I had a pregnant Redback which had thousands of babies! Sadly, my previous housemate took them away when I went back to Malaysia. But anyway, I stared at Eddy. "Eeerrmm.. *smiLes as cute as pOssibLe*.. the redback is kinda....mine. Not his."
Edward stayed away from me ever since. "I'm still gonna squish it!"

Ooh! I would have made AUD1000 from the redback babies...~ Heard there's this place in Adelaide - Handorf is buying redbacks for $1 each!
My redback has now been transfered (by me ^^) to a bigger home. More info on how I got the spiders? Click

Do leave comments on names for this pet =). Thank you!


John said...

wow a black widow.
In my books, its like the most dangerous spider ever in existence. Careful there babe

Elaine Tan said...

Yes..Redbacks are one of the most dangerous spiders but so far there are no records death caused by redbacks :)
Besides...Little redback is in a little box. I'll be fine. thank you johnson!