Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Red Back Spider (also known as Black Widow)

Red Back Spider (similar to Black Widow)
feeding on Garden Orb Weaver that is larger than herself.

There were two garden orb weavers the size of my thumb forming a gigantic web at my garden.
I caught them in the two tiniest container (only my thumb could fit in) just nice to fit one spider each. The process was excitingly dangerous. I liked it though.

Within seconds of putting garden orb weaver 1 into Broodles tank, the orb had no chance in survival. It was immediately stunned and wrapped.
These pictures were taken perhaps, 10 seconds after putting garden orb weaver 1 in the tank.

Click to view full size image!

Guess what? I just found out the tank was made in Malaysia! (as seen on image)


willchua said...

wah...I can felt the hair on my neck standing up. Aren't these the most poisonous spider?

Anonymous said...

Hey- I don't think the Red Back has anything to do with a Black Widow! LOL! The Redback's bite is pretty fierce and it could make you very ill, but it's not anything like the American Black Widow, I don't think.

MiccObaYb said...

murfomurf: Perhaps this might give you a little more information (open in new WINDOW) on Black Widow and Redback spiders.