Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mancede Gig

Last night I went to Crown Anchor for Mancede's and Mothdust's gig. Both superb bands of Adelaide. It was great, especially when they are friends of yours!

I went there with my Canon and volunteered to be their media photographer.
Guess what? I was the only photographer :P Yay!

Rhythm Guitarist

This is Michael Hayden. Rhythm guitarist of Mancede.
Tall and likes to make funny faces. He likes games too!

Bass Guitarist

Curtis Mitchell, sexy bass guitarist of Mancede. Very organised and would never let you down!
Awesome personality with a sexy guitarist profile!


Yani the lead singer of Mancede. Joyful and carefree personality.
He will always perform with utmost passion.

Hayden and Yani

Hayden and Yani rocking out!

Zooming effect

Zooming effect on Curtis.

Venue: Crown Anchor

Band: Mancede (Adelaide)

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Raymond Chan said...

Very good stuff! Well done.