Thursday, July 24, 2008

Exclusive Hotel in Chiang Mai

Mandarin Oriental Dhara Devi

Mandarin Oriental Chiang Mai

This hotel looks larger than it seems in this photograph.
When I say large, I mean there is no way you can walk to your room. You'll need a carriage, (which is superb for me because I love horses) to bring you to your room.

This grand hotel has almost everything you need, as a tourist, to experience the real life of the locals. How?

This is what you see right on your doorstep.

The surrounding environment is filled with plantations such as paddy fields, corn, name it. Almost all the local plantations that can be found in Chiang Mai is found in this very hotel.

Your activities, as a tourist, includes getting your hands dirty. You are guided through the plantations, learning from seeding to harvesting the produce. That's real experience if you ask me.

The hotel also has its own yoga centre, swimming pool, business centre and a british colonial building as one of your choices of hotel rooms.

: Chiang Mai

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