Monday, April 13, 2009

DC5R Hypertune Photoshoot

A very big applause from me to an organised team of 30+ Honda Integra DC5Rs who attended for their photoshoot on the 11th April 2009.

They say "Image speaks a thousand words".

For those who weren't there, these pictures are not even close to describing the fantabulous convoy we had. The streets of PJ were clouded by DC5Rs of white, blue, black and grey, accompanied by monstrous rumbles of these teggy pipes.
It was amazing. I had my whole body out of the window of a moving car, trying my best to capture as many convoy pictures as I can.

DC5R Hypertune Photoshoot
Venue: Bukit Jalil

The pictures, again, does not come close to describe a 4 lane highway filled with 35 DC5Rs.

Congratulations to those who organised, and many thanks to those whose effort were put into making this happen.

Want to watch a video of this convoy?

Prepared by subcon

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