Monday, November 22, 2010

Micco is back

It's been yonks!
"Aging well!" and so they cry..
my body says otherwise :P
I've neglected you for months too long, little micco..
and in that few months, it was life changing.
So many words yet where to start?
Leave the past...
in my dreams micco barked.

Micco Elaine
Venue: Tropicana


Beto said...

WOW.... That's a very nice way to restart.

Welcome back.

Beto said...

Too bad I can't keep looking at it now that I'm @ work.

MiccObaYb said...

Haha :) Heyyo beto your real name? I just got myself a little sugar glider. Finding it hard to think of a unisex name lol!

Beto said...

A sugar glider? That's unusual. But you're a unusual girl, too.

Beto is a short name. Are you considering naming your sugar glider Beto? Is not really unisex, but I would be flattered... I think. hahaha

What else is new, besides pets?