Friday, May 25, 2007

'Missiles' thrown from the 14th floor

*In the midst of completing my assignment....the phone rings.*

"Baby... is everything alright?"

"Erm... yea! I just came home from having lunch with you... What's the matter?"

"I heard news about King William St. had police and stuff because someone was throwing stuffs hitting cars on the streets...and I was checking if you're alright.."

"Yea I'm safe...although I kinda had the police with me when I was in the elevator..I heard it was some girlfriend or relationship problem"

*MiccO looks out the balcony*

"Alright then..just checking on you. Let me know if there's any updates!"

"Erm...everyone seems to be staring at me from the other side of the road...or maybe not...erm okay bye!"

*Stares upwards, runs back into her room, grabs camera and ran out of the apartment*

Rumor was :
  1. Someone tried to commit suicide!
  2. Someone jumped off the building!
  3. Girlfriend threw boyfriend's stuffs out!
  4. Boyfriend threw girlfriend's stuffs out!

Micco thinks girlfriends are more likely to throw things out.. girls are craazzyy~~

*Pictures taken by Micco is up!!*

At this point, check the news!

May 25, 2007 02:15pm

A MAN who recently broke up with his girlfriend showered pedestrians with household "missiles" from his city apartment yesterday, injuring a bus passenger and halting lunchtime traffic.

A baseball-sized rock thrown from the 14th floor Adelaide Towers Apartments, on the western side of King William St, smashed a bus window on the eastern side of the street, injuring passenger Jim Santori, 75, of Goodwood.

The incident began at 12.30pm when a man threw a glass table and chairs, followed by a TV antenna, a saucepan and other objects, into the street below.
Witnesses said he also threw what appeared to be a crowbar, a heavy object shaped like a cross, an MP3 player and a hat.

Rebecca Garcia, 19, of Oakden, was waiting for a bus when the commotion began.

"Pots and pans were flying from out of the window," she said.

"Everything went flying and he was banging and yelling."

Police blocked off the street to vehicles and pedestrians while they searched the building.
Cafe owner Samira Aslamzada said the man often came into her shop on the building's ground floor.

"He's a computer software engineer," she said. "He's a smart guy but he's been acting weird for the past two days. I know he just broke up with his girlfriend."
Police found a man aged in his 20s and detained him under the Mental Health Act for assessment at Royal Adelaide Hospital.


Elaine Tan said...

I think the guy will look for the Cafe owner Samira Aslamzada when he's out... lol!

UnkaLeong said...

What you won't do for love? Hahaha...

CRIZ LAI said...

Gosh...this is terrible. hopefully he won't throw himself out next :(

Lucifer said...

nothing to do with your post...just noticed the IBANEZ pic :D you play? i got a IBANEZ 7 string ;)

Daniel said...

Hey hey!
Awesome blog~ vewwy
Check out my blog sometime!

Elaine Tan said...

Lucifer: Ooooh! Really?! I wanna play it! I'm just learning but learning fast! :) Omw to rockstardom with Steve Vai! Gimme gimme!

Daniel: I'll let you advertise :) lol! Why don't you drop by my other hobby blog : :)